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Item #: SCP-078-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the apparent omnipresence of SCP-078-J-1, researchers have constructed several safe houses for refugees. These safe houses are to be equipped with a large memetic deterrent consisting of a sign that states "NO GURLZ ALLOWD!!" and various drawings of cool boy stuff like dragons. No pink is to be allowed into these safe houses.

Description: SCP-078-J is a highly contagious biohazard spread through physical contact with SCP-078-J-1 (Especially on the lips!!). Although the properties of SCP-078-J are not fully understood, it is well known for causing various cases of yuckiness, bad smells, and immediate death.

SCP-078-J-1 is a malevolent creature that typically inhabits an area colloquially known as the "playground". There are several different versions of SCP-078-J-1 that will wander this area at any given time. Current research performed by Junior Researcher James1 has pointed towards SCP-078-J-1 possibly being extraterrestrial in origin. That would certainly explain why they don't like Power Rangers.

Prolonged exposure to SCP-078-J carriers results in an expansion of the larynx, a development of the sexual organs, an increase in bodily growth, and the sprouting of various hairs around the body, as well as a marked fondness towards SCP-078-J-1. Researchers agree this is totally gross.

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