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Item #: SCP-071-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation currently keeps ten instances of SCP-071-KO in containment. As normal felling is impossible, if a specimen is found outside of the Foundation, it is to be removed immediately by Sangrok Construction Planning Inc., a Foundation front company, under the guise of roadwork, building maintenance or other construction projects.

Unconditioned subjects find it difficult to distinguish SCP-071-KO from normal streetlights. The Foundation has thus created a manual, instructing readers how to distinguish between regular streetlights and SCP-071-KO. The ten specimens currently kept in Foundation custody are to receive electric power and status checks twice a day. Any seed or sapling produced by the specimens is to be terminated.

Description: SCP-071-KO is a species of tree, botanically belonging in the family Cupressaceae. Smaller specimens generally measure around 3m but can grow to as much as 12m at their tallest, with even greater heights being possible under the right conditions. Botanically speaking, it is undoubtedly a plant, which can be verified via microscopic observation. Despite this, instances appear surprisingly similar to standard streetlights. Mostly, the tree grows upright with hollow trunks. The xylem resembles electric wiring and the tree absorbs electricity by way of its root system through these xylems. The treetop holds a translucent, bioluminescent organ, which emits light at low luminous intensity under 3-4 lux in order to attract insects.

The crown is notable for its total lack of leaves, and it appears incapable of photosynthesis. Instead, SCP-071-KO grows by absorbing electricity. CO and NOn, mainly from vehicular exhaust, serves to boost the growth of SCP-071-KO. Being facultative insectivores, consuming insects also aid in the absorption of nutrients. Although it is unknown exactly which organ performs the insectivorous activity, insect carcasses often pile up inside the bioluminescent organ, and this organ as such is presumed to play a part in SCP-071-KO's insectivory. As a consequence, it is usually found in the urban environments rich in electric lines and vehicular exhaust fumes. It may also be found in unexpected locations such as on mountainsides or in the middle of open fields.

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