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Item #: SCP-067-EX

Object Class: Euclid Explained (See Addenda)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-067 is to be contained on location at 02 Everett Road, Bristol ME, 04554. Everett Road is to be removed from all map databases, and is to be labelled private property to discourage accidental trespassing. A fence is to be constructed around the premises, and cameras placed within the property.

SCP-067 is to receive follow-up examinations once per month by SCP-067's research team (based out of Site-162 in Jay, VT). Repairs to the exterior are to be made as needed, though none are permitted on the interior.

After thorough review, Foundation staff of level 2 clearance or higher are potentially eligible for a period of stay at SCP-067. Applicants must fill out Form W-067-19. Both the Security Director for Site-162, as well as the director of the applicant's facility, must approve the application. Time of continuous stay within SCP-067 is not to exceed a period of 3 days. This practice has been permanently suspended. Containment procedures for this item are undergoing extensive reevaluation. See Addendum 067c.

Addendum 06/11/2004: At this time, SCP-067 is considered to be non-anomalous, and has been marked as explained. The procedures outlined above are to be considered nullified, and are preserved for historical purposes only. The building itself has been demolished, and the land is now being used for Foundation weapons and technology field testing. Information regarding GoI-L19 has been handed over to local law enforcement.

Description: SCP-067, also known as "Rurik Inn" by its welcome sign, is a 20th-century rustic inn located in Bristol, ME. The building has a total of 16 rooms and is in fairly good condition. From the exterior, SCP-067 appears (and has been described to be) completely typical for the architecture of Bristol, ME.

The entirety of the inside of SCP-067 is covered with — and inhabited by — roughly 11,200 species of fungi. While several of these fungi have yet to be identified, the majority are known species. Fungi within SCP-067 have shown the ability to move and grow almost instantaneously, and often tend to do so in tandem with each other. Several forms of toxic molds have been discovered within the building, though the danger this poses to the health of personnel is minimal, and well within acceptable limits.

Multiple species of animals — ranging from deer, to pigs, to squirrels, to birds, etc. — have been noted to inhabit SCP-067. Animals bear tumorous growths and fungal infections on the majority of their bodies, and have occasionally been observed walking upright while wearing formal clothing. These entities have been collectively designated SCP-067-1. SCP-067-1 appear to act as the caretakers of the inn, and will often greet guests1, provide them meals, and show them to a bedroom.

Due to currently unknown factors, both video cameras and audio recording devices do not function properly within SCP-067. As such, all research regarding the anomaly is conducted in person.

Individuals entering SCP-067 have reported feelings of anxiety and unease at seeing both the interior of the building and instances of SCP-067-1. This is not believed to be an anomalous effect, but merely a natural reaction. However, shortly after being shown to a bedroom, individuals have reported intense feelings of happiness and relaxation. Persons who have spent the night at SCP-067 have claimed they slept incredibly well, experienced pleasant dreams, and awoke content, refreshed, and de-stressed. Research into this phenomenon is ongoing.

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