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Item #: SCP-065-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-065-J is to be contained in a simulated desert ecosystem, and provided with water and fertilizer weekly. SCP-065-J is to be provided with recording devices and the recordings provided to Site-19's recreational center. No recordings on Mondays.

Description: SCP-065-J is a collection of three desert cacti. SCP-065-J do not differ in physical appearance from non-anomalous cacti, despite being capable of speech, and usually wear sombreros. SCP-065-J are designated from SCP-065-J-1 to 3.

SCP-065-J display sapient behavior, and are capable of understanding and speaking English and Spanish. SCP-065-J often communicates in song. SCP-065-J was recovered from the Arizona Desert, and was brought to the Foundation's attention by a rogue outbreak of spontaneous musicals in the surrounding area.

Addendum: Interview Log 065-J-1


INTERVIEWER: Good morning, SCP-065-J.

SCP-065-J: [Turns to Security Camera-3… Somehow ] ♫ Hello kids! ♫

INTERVIEWER: Wait, what?

SCP-065-J-1: ♫ Kids, do you want to learn about America's proud history? ♫

INTERVIEWER: Uh, do you understand your current condition?

SCP-065-J-1: ♫ We're the Singing Cacti Amigos!♫

SCP-065-J-2 & 3: ♫ Cactiiiii Amiiiiigoooos! Cactiiiii Amiiiigoooos! ♫

INTERVIEWER: Right. Do you recall anything about your origins?

SCP-065-J-1: ♫ Used to be a little cactus,
Dreamt of being a star…
Followed that star,
And here I am…
With the Singing Cacti Amigos! ♫

SCP-065-J-2 & 3: ♫ Cactiiii Amiiiigoooos! Cactiiii Amiiiigoooos! ♫

INTERVIEWER: ♫ Cacti amigos? ♫

SCP-065-J: ♫ Cactiiii Amiiiigoooos! Cactiiii Amiiiigoooos!♫



Addendum: Interview Log 065-J-2


INTERVIEWER: ♫ Good morning, Cacti Amigos! ♫

SCP-065-J-1: Look, the contract we arranged with the studio clearly said that we had Mondays off. So just fuck off, alright?


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