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Item #: SCP-057

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Site-57 has been constructed to facilitate SCP-057 as relocation is not feasible. It is highly improbable that any outside knowledge of the artifact exists based on the circumstances of its discovery and thus security is of minimal concern. No containment procedures are required other than the prevention of unauthorized access. All research will be delegated to Dr. Lewis and Dr. Walston unless further specified.

Due to the irretrievability of those placed inside SCP-057, access will be granted with the approval of no fewer than two (2) members of O5.

Description: SCP-057 is a subterranean chamber with an approximate cylindrical height of three (3) meters and diameter of eighteen (18) meters. Artifact is comprised of impenetrable slate-coloured stone. Inside the chamber are dozens of parallelepiped monoliths extending from floor to ceiling that slide in various directions while SCP-057 is active. It was discovered several meters below █████ on ██/██/████ during the construction of a secure containment enclosure for SCP-███. Consequently, SCP-███ was assigned an alternate location at Site-██.

An entrance to the chamber is located on the north-east side. When a human enters, the door shuts and the walls inside the chamber move in such a way as to require the subject's constant attention to maintain a safe course through the artifact. The monoliths slowly open and close until the subject either surrenders or exhausts themselves, at which time SCP-057 crushes them and reverts to its original, inactive state after a period of approximately twenty (20) seconds. This process lasts only as long as the subject inside SCP-057 is alive and has proven to take days. Extended testing proposals to gauge the limits of the artifact have been discouraged. All tests on animals, machines, and cadavers have proven futile. Only a living, breathing human being is able to initiate this process upon entering SCP-057.

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