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Site-wide quarantine is to be initiated as soon as possible. The containment procedures below are to be implemented immediately following full lockdown of Site-19.

Researcher Smalls

Item #: SCP-055-J


Researcher Smalls’s rendition of SCP-055-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel are to refrain from entering SCP-055-J’s containment chamber. Personnel that have been exposed to SCP-055-J or report experiencing its anomalous properties are to be given Class C Amnestic treatment.

Symptoms of SCP-055-J exposure are as follows:

  • Awareness of SCP-055-J's existence
  • Having no knowledge of SCP-055-J's existence
  • Reports of experiencing nothing out of the ordinary

Speaking of SCP-055-J is strictly forbidden, as well as thinking about SCP-055-J and any other sort of activity that would give it any sort of attention whatsoever. To prevent further exposure, it is advised that all Personnel refrain from direct eye contact with anything around them and cover their ears when in the presence of anything remotely resembling SCP-055-J.

While it is believed that SCP-055-J is kept within a standard containment chamber, this cannot be fully determined due to its anomalous nature. Other possible forms of SCP-055-J's containment have been theorized:

  • An invisible chamber constructed from telekill alloy
  • A 5 (five) by 5 (five) by 5 (five) by 5 (five) meter square room.
  • A non-spherical cage

Description: The exact appearance, nature and properties of SCP-055-J are currently unknown. SCP-055-J is believed to be capable of affecting individuals via sensory input, as subjects are incapable of sensing its presence by any means.

It is speculated that SCP-055-J actively hides its true nature. The most reasonable conclusion for this is that SCP-055-J is an incredibly hostile entity, possibly of Keter or even Apollyon levels of threat. There's really no way to conclude what this thing is and I think it's best we just assume the worst.

Discovery: SCP-055-J’s anomalous nature was discovered by the newly appointed Researcher Smalls (Memetic and Cognitohazardous research Division) following assignment to the respected anomaly. Researcher Smalls and assistant Researcher Agnew are the first reported subjects to have been exposed to SCP-055-J. It is unknown how many more have been affected.

If you are reading this it may already be too late. May God help us all.

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