4/055-INT LEVEL 4/055-INT
Item #: SCP-055-INT

Special Containment Procedures: Research efforts must be directed into the development of alternative methods of inducing manipulable memory loss. Documented effects of SCP-055-INT's effects on Foundation Branches will be updated daily on this page. (See Addendum 055.3)

Branches seeking to alleviate SCP-055-INT's effects can place a request on the international-issue section of the International SCP Intel Network. Other branches are heavily encouraged to assist, especially if the expertise of said branch can help with another's ongoing issue.

Description: SCP-055-INT, also known as a AE-K-Class "Atlantis-Alethia 'Amnestics Absolution' Event Escalation" Scenario, is the current drastic decrease of the effectiveness of amnestics and other memory-affecting drugs on all conscious minds.

An Atlantis-Alethia 'Amnestics Absolution' Event, also known as an Alethia Event, causes humans outside of the Veil to recall memories of encountering the anomalous along with their amnesticization. It is similarly related to Lethe Events, although there seems to be no correlation between the rates of both events.

Antimemetic anomalies with manipulable cloaking properties are now neutralized on SCP-055-INT infected individuals.

Because the Foundation is the largest manufacturer and consumer of amnestics, resolving SCP-055-INT is of the highest priority. Failure to resolve SCP-055-INT may lead directly to a BK-Class "Broken Masquerade" Scenario, and in the worst case, the dissolution of the Foundation.

The cause of SCP-055-INT is, at present, unknown.

Addendum 055.1: SCP-055-INT first documented event.

SCP-055-INT's initial symptoms began in Denver, Colorado, United States on 12/03/2025. An estimated amount of 150 users began to post on various social media sites about "emerging memories", which mentioned multiple pieces of information about Foundation-contained anomalies. SCP-055-INT's spread was slow at first, due to misattribution to either dreams the subjects have experienced, or to the Mandela Effect.1

Addendum 055.1.1: Below is a sample post from one of the posters in social media site void.vl:


Cereal Lover

Bit of an unusual thread today. The weirdest thing is happening to me - not sure if it's a dream or mental illness or something like that - but I promise I'm not on acid or anything.

I remembered living another life.

  • ECHOES 11
  • HUMS 106

09:31 AM · March 12, 2024


Cereal Lover

⁂Oops_allberries It's like EEAAO, where I remember having a life that would go differently depending on the choices made by me and everyone else around me.

In that life I had a brother. He was called Alan — brown hair, short, snorting all the time, a bit stupid.

  • ECHOES 2
  • HUMS 32

09:31 AM · March 12, 2024


Cereal Lover

⁂Oops_allberries It feels like I actually lived it — it's not just an hallucination. I remember living a big part of my childhood with this person I didn't know about until yesterday.
I also remember an accident.
  • ECHOES 1
  • HUMS 33

09:31 AM · March 12, 2024


Cereal Lover

⁂Oops_allberries This is the actual weird part.
Alan died in a horrible accident.
It had some kind of… big white animal? Not sure. I remember seeing him torn in half, along with a bunch of other people. They apparently took the animal back in a cage.
The last thing I remembered was being in an ambulance and scared shitless. Might've shit my pants as well.
One of the paramedics handed me a pill, telling me that I would "quickly feel better"
  • ECHOES 1
  • HUMS 29

09:31 AM · March 12, 2024


Cereal Lover

⁂Oops_allberries And that's it.
What do you guys think? Am I being crazy? Should I go see a psych or something?
  • ECHOES 2
  • HUMS 31

09:31 AM · March 12, 2024

Foundation web crawlers immediately removed the posts due to containing classified information. User Oops_allberries' and other users with similar posts were then populated by Foundation bot accounts convincing them to go to Foundation-aligned psychiatrists.

Oops_allberries (real name: Sarah Hickson) was chosen out of potential subjects in order to research the potential cause of SCP-055-INT. According to Foundation records, she was administered Class C Amnestics alongside her parents in 2013 after witnessing the death of their younger brother, Alan Hickson, by SCP-████.

Dr. Gideon Toren, posing as a psychiatrist, was sent to Hickson's household to investigate.

Addendum 055.1.2: Interview and Psychological Examination of an SCP-055-INT instance.

Procedure: Interview and psychological examination of an SCP-055-INT instance.

Date: 2024/03/13

Examiner: Dr. Gideon Toren

Examinee: Sarah Hickson


[Toren is sitting on a chair, noting down symbols and words while Hickson lies on the couch.]

Dr. Toren: Alright… anything else?

Hickson: No that's… I think we're running in circles now, I told you everything I remember.

Dr. Toren: Alright.

[Toren continues writing on its notes]

Hickson: So — huh — do you have a basic idea of what might be wrong with me?

Dr. Toren: Unfortunately. You have what we call FMS.

Hickson: What?

Dr. Toren: False Memory Syndrome. It's a condition where a person's identity and relationships are severely affected by false memories of psychological trauma, recollections that are factually incorrect yet strongly believed for an unknown reason.

Hickson: So… I didn't have a brother?

Dr. Toren: No. Your mind created the idea of a younger brother because of how your parents raised you.

Dr. Toren: Based on what you told me, it was not necessarily a bad education, but you never felt at the center of their attention as a child, which created an internal conflict and longing of someone to share the pain with within yourself.

[Toren adjusts itself in its seat, slightly peeking on its script.]

Dr. Toren: We don't know why this only emerged now — my suspicion is that you have been experiencing a lot of recent stressors that causes you to fall back on this coping mechanism.

Hickson: That's… that's a lot to take in. What should I do now?

[Dr. Toren takes out a purple pill bottle and hands it to Hickson.]

Dr. Toren: Take one pill every day for two weeks. If the false memories are still there after two weeks, or if you are feeling any side effects caused by the pill, call me back.

[Hickson examines the bottle.]

Hickson: What do they do?

[Toren stares at Hickson, then looks back at its script.]

Dr. Toren: The science is complicated, but I can assure you it will make you feel better. I'll come back tomorrow though — we'll see if anything new comes up.


Closing Statement: After four other sessions with Sarah, I come to the conclusion that Sarah is in fact entirely non-anomalous, having baseline signs of thaumaturgy, ontokinesis or even antimemetic resistance. Despite this, Sarah and the other inhabitants of Denver are unaffected by our amnestics. — Dr. G. Toren

This event was officially classified as SCP-048 following Dr. Toren's report.

Addendum 055.2: Research & Discoveries

Research on the potential source of the anomaly by the English branch found a similar case discovered on the Foundation records of the Korean branch.

In the city of Boryeong, South Korea, a raid by the Foundation following the discovery of a main facility from the group of interest "Dinodon's Hand" occurred. This event was witnessed by only a few inhabitants of the city, and only low usage of amnestics was necessary. However, the Jung (정) family was, for unknown reasons, unaffected by any of the amnestics administered to them. This forced the KO branch to contain all members of the family in Site-09K, in which they were studied under the classification SCP-4633-KO until released one week later.

The phenomenon took place on 19/02/2025, two months before the discovery of the similar event by the English branch.

A collaboration between the two branches in order to research the current anomaly was accepted, which lead to the KO branch revealing they have already started researching and found multiple similar events throughout the world, which suggests that the anomaly is actively growing.

Examples include:

  • About 20 people in Reggio Emilia, Italy. (Previously classified as Extranormal Events UE-64415)
  • An entire neighbourhood in the city of Odesa, Ukraine. (Previously classified as SCP-873-UA)
  • Half of the city of Huating, China. (Not classified yet.)2

Due to the anomaly affecting numerous territories throughout the world and it being an immediate threat to the Foundation, it was finally classified as SCP-055-INT, and all currently unaware branches of the Foundation were alerted.

Addendum 055.3: Effects of SCP-055-INT on Various Branches

Various Foundation branches have been severely affected by SCP-055-INT, due to their heavy dependence on amnestics. Below is a list of incidents related to Foundation branches that were caused by SCP-055-INT.

AE-K/SCP-055-INT Report

DATE: 2025/03/15

EFFECT: During multiple cascading breaches of Fourth Reich anomalies, a contract between the Foundation, SKP, and Caecus Carenelia-Collective was made through temporal channeling and over encrypted channels in order to neutralize the various esoteric Neo-Nazi and Semitic symbols embedded in said anomalies, in exchange for a more liberal approach towards SKP and CCC anomalies.

Shortly after the breaches were resolved, amnestics were used to remove memories of the formation of the contract, yet its legally binding power still remains.

This contract has been reinforced ███ times.

RESPONSE: There was an internal audit performed both by the German and English branches regarding the various contracts that were being forged in this time period, however they found that since the contracts were made during a Foundation breach, under Foundation Clause 4LKJ3ZI ("Contracts During Emergency Periods"), the contract still holds.

AE-K/SCP-055-INT Report

DATE: 2025/05/05

EFFECT: From 1920 to 1970, various disparate anomalous Sarkic, Mekhanite, and native religions of various former French colonies in West Africa were given amnestics and applied cognitive behavioural training through implanted officials, psychiatrists, and school officials.

According to the Three Portlands Anomalous Communities Initiative, there are currently █ communities in West Africa, a comparatively low amount compared to its neighbours who have ███ anomalous communities.

RESPONSE: Due to the rising communal identity within these erased communities, a collaboration between the French Branch and the nearest English Branch was formed to successfully reintegrate these non-anomalous people in their communities. Various psychological techniques like cognitive behavioural therapy in addition to modified education curricula that emphasizes a united non-anomalous national identity, with certain precautions like budget cuts to various towns that hold anomalous communities.

Currently the program is 90% complete.

AE-K/SCP-055-INT Report

DATE: 2026/06/28

EFFECT: Multiple Japanese Branch officials were found to have ties with IJAMEIA, including but not limited to high ranking officials within IJAMEIA being given amnestics in exchange for working for the Foundation.

RESPONSE: Since this was already commonly known internal knowledge, the English, German, and Japanese branches made a deal to cycle suspected high-ranking IJAMEIA officials between said branches to remove any suspicions.

AE-K/SCP-055-INT Report

DATE: 2027/01/01

EFFECT: All sentient beings (anomalous, non-anomalous, conceptual) within Vietnam gains eidetic memory. Previously lost memories are not returned.

RESPONSE: International Branch Meeting is being held for further action (see below)

Location: Site-01 conference room.


  • O5 Council members
  • Site-90 Dir. Nguyễn Bình Nam (VN representative)
  • S5 Council member (IT Branch representative)
  • CL5 Council member (PT Branch representative)
  • Site-Aleph Dir. Bruce Garrett (FR Branch representative)
  • Site-13K Admin. Seol Semyeong (KO Branch representative)
  • Site-120 Dir. Magdaleine Cornwell (PL Branch representative)
  • [+15 more]


[The O5 Council is sitting around an enormous round table with the Foundation logo on the center in the conference room, O5-1 and O5-4's seats are vacant. O5-2 fiddles around with his pen, while O5-5 and O5-9 talks about the recent situations in Germany and Switzerland.]

O5-2: They're late again.

O5-6: They've been out of those expeditions lately, innit? Bit of an odd way to escape meetings, methinks.

O5-7: [START OF MESSAGE] Please wait for a few minutes. [END OF MESSAGE]

[The main doors of the room burst open. O5-1 enters the room, accompanied by O5-4 behind xem. Nguyễn Bình Nam closes the door. He sits beside O5-1.]

[O5-3's alarm rings. She wakes up and cancels the alarm only to go back to sleep.]


[O5-3 jolts up, notices the camera, and coughs. She sits up straight, occasionally closing her eyes.]

O5-1: Sorry to keep all of you waiting. Was busy in Thailand again.

[O5-1 and O5-4 sits on their chairs.]

O5-1: Officially opening the session.

[O5-1 taps the table with xer fuladh hammer. The other O5 members become silent.]

O5-1: As a reminder, I called this meeting for the effects of SCP-055-INT on the Vietnamese branch. And now, a word from Director Nguyễn.

[Nguyễn stands up.]

Nguyễn: Huh, yes. Cảm ơn. The current situation is being handled by our Foundation. The use of amnestics to cover our secrecy behind the veil was already minimal, so no urgent situation. The use of hypnosis to replace the current need of amnestics is in consideration at the moment. All amnestics previously in Vietnamese territory will be handed to Foundation branches in need.

[Nguyễn sits, and O5-1 rises.]

O5-1: Thank you.

[O5-1 opens the projector, which takes a bit of time to boot up. A graph showing the growth rate of SCP-055-INT displays slowly on the table.]

O5-1: (ahem) SCP-055-INT is continuing to grow. This anomaly is completely unpredictable — one day, it affects entire regions where amnestics abuse is heavy, the next three months later, we find out a random cow in Russia is also affected.

O5-1: Now, we are met with this new "evolution" affecting the entirety of Vietnam.

[O5-1 switches to the next slide. It shows another graph, this time displaying a correlation between SCP-055-INT incidents and cost of operations.]

O5-13: Is the projector really necess—

O5-1: Ahem.

[O5-13 notices the red light on the camera. She keeps quiet.]

O5-1: To continue, this evolution is actually helping us out. As you can see from this graph, the costs associated with covering up similar incidents in Vietnam are lessened with SCP-055-INT than without.

O5-1: To show further benefits of SCP-055-INT, I invite O5-7 to discuss our budget calculations.

[O5-1 takes xer seat. For the next minute, boot-up sounds are heard from O5-7. Other members of the table are repeatedly looking at their watches while waiting for O5-7 to start, some are looking at the exit.]


O5-7: To accurately calculate the costs of the various incidents we handle with and without SCP-055-INT, I decided to run two simulations, basing it off EE-2JA3Z. The first simulation was my control — the incident as reported in our log. The next various experiments were done with SCP-055-INT in mind, tweaking its strength, area of effect, and other minute variables that are all enumerated in the document I have sent you.

[O5-7 stops. They play a drinking sound.]

O5-7: Suffice to say, after running billions of simulations in different universes, I have found that the presence of SCP-055-INT in addition to its treatment like psychological counselling and office transfers impacts the Foundation's finances less amnestics production. This would mean that the presence of SCP-055-INT would reduce our expenditures by around 80%. I hope that statistic speaks for itself.


[O5-1 stands up again.]

O5-1: Thank you for the summary, O5-7. As they have said, SCP-055-INT's presence reduces our yearly expenditures by 80%. However, this threat is unpredictable. We do not know why it does this or whether it will continue doing this.

[Silence from O5-1. Some people are murmuring around the table.]

O5-1: All of our Analytics departments combined estimated a full AE-K-Class as an immediate end to the Foundation. And I can see why. We've been using this medicine to hide everything behind, we've been abusing it in order to become the largest shadow government ever known to man. We became so big, some branches became totally disjointed from the main Foundation.

O5-1: Our Analytics Department has run the numbers — SCP-055-INT will lead to a full AE-K-Class Scenario, and I can see why. The amount of amnestics we've spent means that we spent millions, even billions hiding ourselves to the world. Hell, some branches use amnestics so much that some branches can't function without them!

[Someone coughs from the other side of the table.]

O5-1: Even our organization's dark secrets are coming to light — whatever SCP-055-INT is, it's causing our organization to socially fracture at the seams, to completely collapse in the paradigm of a world where our secrets can't be hidden easily. To survive the incoming storm of anti-Foundation sentiments, we must organize ourselves to be stronger, to protect ourselves from the dark, from the invading horde of anomalous beings and objects, so that we can be humanity's guiding light in this future.

O5-1: For the past two years, we have been working our asses off, together, to combat this threat. And you know what? We did a fucking good job at it.

O5-1: And with all this rush and stress, we've never had the time to congratulate ourselves. And that is why I'm doing this right now, with you all.

[O5-1 takes out a hand bell and rings it. A butler appears behind xem with a glass of alcohol in hand. The butler places the glass in front of O5-1. He then disappears and reappears behind the person next to O5-1, and repeats the action with another full glass.]

O5-1: In a moment, all of you will be given a glass of your favorite drink to make the most important toast of your life.

[O5-7 and O5-3 are discussing their latest ventures. Garrett and O5-6 are planning out their next few incursions against some minor GoIs. O5-2 prepares to get up.]

O5-2: Oh, is it time to go? I still have something to do with 2317, and—

O5-1: Sit down.

[O5-1 signs to the camera. O5-12 looks surprised but sits back down. All glasses are given.]

O5-1: But we have to prepare ourselves in a world with SCP-055-INT, we must be ready to secure, to contain, and to protect our future, our humanity, our progress against those who wish to destroy us. Here's to another thousand years!

CL5-8: Ah, right. Yes.

Garett: Yep, yep. Indeed.

[Semyeong yawns.]

Semyeong: Sure, sure.

O5-1: Cheers!

[All cheer as some of them quickly try to get out of the room. O5-1 drinks from xer glasses while the other people are discussing quietly among themselves, O5-3 goes back to sleeping on the table, but O5-4 wakes them up. The branch managers of each Foundation branch slowly stream out of the room until only the O5 Council remains.]

O5-3: This could've been an email, you know that?

O5-1: True, but morale and impressions are all important in our line of duty


[O5-1 silently approaches O5-6.]

O5-1: Hey, -6, when's the next deal with Carter com—

[O5-1 notices the camera still rolling. Xe rushes to close it off, murmuring about cutting some parts of the video off.]


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