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Item #: SCP-050-PT

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The mine pit where SCP-050-PT is located must remain sealed, and access severely restricted within a 5-kilometre radius around it under the guise of it being a protected zone for the reproduction of the Azure Jay. Foundation personnel, posing as environmental guards must constantly patrol the containment perimeter. Additional security measures, such as cameras and alarms, must follow the security standards of Level 2 for wilderness areas1. Civilians trespassing the borders of the containment area are to be apprehended and subjected to light amnestic treatment, then released in a nearby urban zone. No personnel may enter the epicentre of SCP-050-PT's containment zone. In the event that ██ or more human beings intrude into the containment zone, and activate 050-PT's properties, Procedure 050-Abaporu-α must be activated.

Description: SCP-050-PT is a humanoid entity, currently measuring 6.5 metres in height, located at the bottom of an closed mine in M█████ National Park. SCP-050-PT's features resemble an elderly European man, with the exception of his maxilla, which possesses a muscular and bone structure that allows SCP-050-PT to open its jaw up to a 120º degree angle. Similarly, SCP-050-PT's neck and respiratory system are profoundly deformed, with its diameter currently measuring 80 centimetres.

In his right hand, SCP-050-PT carries a sack made of leather, with a capacity of up to 150 litres. X-ray analysis made at range show that the bones of 050-PT's fingers and metacarpus are extremely deformed, possibly because of the constriction caused by the constant clutching. It is believed that SCP-050-PT is incapable of opening or realizing any complex function with the flexing tendons from that hand.

SCP-050-PT is hostile to humans. If a living human comes within range of the object, SCP-050-PT will try to capture and immobilize the target. Captured humans are then consumed by SCP-050-PT in a process similar to that of a serpent. After consuming the individual, SCP-050-PT will lapse into a state of lethargy, growing rapidly in size by a measure of 1/100 in proportion to its own mass at the time of consumption, per hour, until the individual is fully digested. SCP-050-PT does not appear to possess any form of metabolism, and has not been observed losing bodily mass even after long periods without feeding. Nevertheless, SCP-050-PT possesses a non-anomalous sleeping pattern.

Containment: According to the witnesses present at the date of the containment of SCP-050-PT, the entity fell into the mineshaft where it currently resides (as of 12/7/19██) while pursuing said witnesses: Raquel S█████ and David M████. The witnesses received amnestic treatment, and the current containment measures were implemented. Analysis of the bones and other vestiges found in the surrounding wilderness indicates that SCP-050-PT, or other individuals of the same species, must have inhabited the region for at least ███ years.

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