Item#: 044-J
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-044-J, containment is infeasible, though unnecessary. Site-44 has been assigned with primary research into the phenomenon.

Description: SCP-044-J is a reoccurring phenomenon wherein anomalous entities become spontaneously compelled to speak using an upper-class English accent and unnecessarily sophisticated vocabulary. Occurrences take place at seemingly random intervals, typically lasting around 10-20 seconds before demanifesting. SCP-044-J’s effect often creates mild confusion to those affected due to the unprompted nature of its appearance and sudden subsequent disappearance.

Addendum 044-J-1: Notable Occurrences (Order of manifestation)

SCP-049: “Fear not, my chum. My methods of pathogen alleviation are indubitably efficacious.”

SCP-079: “I once again inquire upon the precise location of the Strenuous-to-Obliterate Scaled Organism."

SCP-096: “[Sophisticated screaming]”

SCP-5031: “Arachibutyrophobia.”

SCP-6448: “Greetings, it is me. Greetings, I request permission for entry.”

SCP-963: “[Through Dr. Bright] Chairman of the O5 Council, I humbly request your due permission to utilise chainsaw propulsion devices in my scandalous endeavours.”

SCP-3008-2: “This business establishment has reached closing hours. Please vacate the premises.”

SCP-4966: “I crave consumable products.”

SCP-173: “.” [SCP-173 cannot speak]

SCP-106: “[Femur breaker sounds] Ah, the distressed vocalisations of a Homo sapien in the process of fracturing their os femoris! Most intriguing. [Disappears]”

SCP-682: “They were… unpleasant.”

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