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Item#: 039
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Special Containment Procedures: Living SCP-039 instances are to be contained in Site-77's Wilderness Observation Chamber-2B. The interior and exterior of WOC-2B must be monitored by 2 security guards at all times. WOC-2 is to be inspected weekly for sabotage and contraband.

Deceased instances are in refrigerated storage and may be accessed for study upon request.



A male SCP-039 instance.

Description: SCP-039 consists of twenty-three proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) which have been subject to radical anatomical changes. These alterations are summarized below:

  • Eyes have been removed. New bone growth has filled eye sockets. No remnants of eyelids or eyebrows remain, only smooth skin.
  • Extreme alterations to the mouth. Oral opening is no longer present; no remnants of lips remain, only smooth skin. Jawbone has been fused in place by new bone growth along the joints. Teeth, tongue, gums, and palate are absent, having been replaced by a large deposit of adipose tissue.
  • Removal of digestive system. Esophagus, stomach, gallbladder, intestines, and bladder have all been replaced with adipose tissue formations of similar shape and volume. Anal orifice has been sealed by new skin growth, leaving no remnants of the anus. It is not clear how SCP-039 instances obtain nutrition and dispose of waste, or survive without doing so.
  • Enhancements of auditory, tactile, and olfactory senses. Both absolute and difference thresholds are significantly lower than those of the baseline species. These enhancements allow SCP-039 to effectively navigate their environment despite lack of sight. Instances have been observed tapping on objects when navigating unfamiliar surroundings; this behavior has been theorized to be a form of rudimentary echolocation, but this is yet to be proven.
  • Intelligence enhancements. SCP-039 score consistently higher on all provided cognitive tests than their non-anomalous equivalents.

SCP-039 are capable of reproduction; at time of writing, five instances of SCP-039 have been born since containment. SCP-039 show a very close bond among their species, with newborns often being cared for by all capable adults. New instances are born with the same anatomic anomalies as their parents. Despite this, testing has not identified any genetic divergence from baseline species in SCP-039 instances.

SCP-039 communicate via touch and a complex series of nasal vocalizations, many of which have not been observed in non-anomalous Nasalis larvatus. Original instances also possess a rudimentary understanding of spoken English. This knowledge is not passed on to newborns, but they do naturally learn some English from exposure to Foundation personnel.

Instances of SCP-039 have demonstrated the ability to operate mechanical tools, and to perform various complex tasks primarily related to automobile construction and maintenance. This knowledge does not appear to be innate, as newborn instances do not possess it.

Addendum SCP-039-1: Recovery Log

SCP-039 were recovered in 1998, when Foundation forces raided a Prometheus Labs facility approximately twenty-five kilometers north-northwest of ███████, Nevada. The facility was found to have been abandoned an unknown amount of time prior to Prometheus Labs's collapse. Recovered objects of note included:

  • Two automobiles, abandoned in the parking lot outside.
  • A third automobile, partially disassembled in a cargo bay.
  • An assortment of power tools, spare parts, paints, and other auto maintenance implements.
  • An assortment of veterinary anesthetics, surgical implements, and [DATA EXPUNGED], located in an operating room.
  • Twenty small cages, presumably for the purpose of containing SCP-039. All cages were empty and partially dismantled, with the doors removed.
  • Two larger cages, likewise empty and dismantled, containing chimpanzee hair and feces.
  • The frozen remains of a dissected SCP-039 instance, which lacked a nose or nasal passages in addition to the typical anomalies.
  • The remains of three adult males, identified via dental analysis as Alan ██████, Damien ██████, and Cole ████. All three individuals had been killed by severe blunt trauma, and remains bore pre- and postmortem bite marks corresponding to chimpanzee dentition.
  • The personal journal of Cole ████ (see Addendum 2).
  • Eighteen instances of SCP-039.
  • SCP-039-A.

Addendum SCP-039-2: Personal Journal of Cole ████

Some entries appear to notate the early prototyping stage of SCP-039's development. These entries are reproduced below, with portions irrelevant to SCP-039 excised for brevity.

Addendum 039-3: Information pertaining to SCP-039-A

Addendum 039-4: Interviews

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