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Item #: SCP-029-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-029-J is currently considered tentatively contained. Due to the low-risk nature of SCP-029-J, police reports are to be monitored for potential reports of SCP-029-J. Class A amnestics are to be administered as necessary. At this time, no additional containment procedures are required, pending review yearly on 1/12 or as needed.

{DEPRECATED AS OF 4/21/17: Foundation Agents are to attempt to contact SCP-029-J in order to attempt to discern more stringent containment procedures.} At this time, for resource and sanity reasons, additional attempts to contact SCP-029-J are not considered conducive to study, and are to be discontinued.

Description: SCP-029-J is an adult male of apparent Middle Eastern descent, who claims to be Jesus Christ. SCP-029-J is exclusively found in the Newark, New Jersey area, posing as a for-hire driver using the application Uber. Foundation Agents contacted Uber to request the driving records and registration of SCP-029-J. No records were found.

Upon being assigned to a subject's request, SCP-029-J's vehicle is listed as "A flaming hot ride", of the current year, and is always 1 minute from the pick up location. Of note, the Uber application does not allow this to be listed as a model name. SCP-029-J's vehicle has been determined to be a multi-entity combination designated SCP-029-J-1 through SCP-029-J-4.

SCP-029-J's vehicle has been shown to take a variety of appearances. This ability is contingent upon the concentration of SCP-029-J-1 through -4. These entities have to date, proven easily distracted, leading to a high incidence of sightings of SCP-029-J, especially around the Christmas and Easter holidays.

The entities that comprise SCP-029-J's vehicle are as follows:

  • SCP-029-J-1 has been identified as a Throne
    • Thrones are depicted as great wheels containing many eyes, and reside in the area of the cosmos where material form begins to take shape. They are usually depicted as the literal movers of the throne of God. SCP-029-J-1 takes the physical form of all four wheels.
  • SCP-029-J-2 has been identified as a Seraphim, and most likely as Michael
    • Seraphim are usually depicted as having six wings, one pair covering the face, another the feet, the last to fly with. They are not normally depicted as humanoid. SCP-029-2 makes up the chassis.
  • SCP-029-J-3 has been identified as an Archangel, mostly likely Gabriel
    • Depictions of Gabriel usually include a horn of some variety with which he proclaims God's majesty. Reports of Gabriel's physical form vary. SCP-029-J appears to only include Gabriel's voice, and is the radio and sound system.
  • SCP-029-J-4 has been identified as a group of 12 Cherubim
    • Cherubim have varying descriptions from four wings and four feet, to even having four faces, and extraordinarily complicated arrangements of faces and wings, feet and glowing coals in their mouths. Reports are inconsistent, varied, and almost invariably inhuman and eldritch. SCP-029-J-4 are situated in front of SCP-029-J-1 through -3 and pull the entire collection, as draft animals.

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