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Ithem #: EthCP-026-J

Object Clath: Thafe. [If you're not a moron. -Dr Johnson]

Thpecial Containment Prothedureth: EthCP-026-J ith to be contained in a thandard humanoid containment thell, in order to accommodate EthCP-026-J-1's needth. EthCP-026-J-1 ith to be fed thandard liquid rathons three timeth a day, with the thpecial requirement of no liquidth above 1 degree thelthiuth.

At no time are any perthonnel to thick their tongth againtht EthCP-026-J. No matter how dumb they may be. Thee Inthident EthCP-026-J-A.

Dethcription: EthCP-026-J ith a decorative light pole, identhified ath a 4004 Newport thtyle thtreet Light Package. EthCP-026-J ith observed to exthibit freething temperatureth at all timeth regarleth of thimuli, between -7 and -8 degreeth thelthiuth. EthCP-026-J wath in thandard containment until Inthident EthCP-026-J-A (Thee below).

After thith inthident, O5-7 ordered Rethearcher Nicholth to be dethignated ath "an idiot popthicle" and EthCP-026-J-1 for one month or unthil their tongue freetheth off, whichever cometh firtht.

O5-7's note:
Hot water is not to be issued to SCP-026-J-1, until October 17th, as they deserve what happened to them.

Inthident Log EthCP-026-J-A
On Theptember Theventeeth, 2015, the following was obtherved in EthCP-026-J's original containment thell:

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