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SCP-020-J prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-020-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A wall has been constructed around SCP-020-J to prevent subjects from perceiving it.

Additionally, the fifth-floor stairs on the B-wing have been permanently sealed off. Personnel are asked to instead use the elevator or the A-wing stairs.

Description: SCP-020-J is a dark blue plastic mop bucket. If a subject perceives the object, they will be compelled to approach SCP-020-J and kick it. Upon striking the object the subject will cease all further life functions and instantly expire via anomalous means.

Though SCP-020-J responds to the force it is struck with appropriately, it does not exhibit signs of damage.

Discovery: SCP-020-J was discovered outside Site-30's 5th-floor janitor closet alongside the corpses of Janitor Worth, five site guards, D-1221, and Dr. Cimmerian.

As the corpses were initially believed to be the results of a containment breach, additional site guards were deployed to the area. Fifteen of the deployed guards were observed to self-terminate via SCP-020-J through security cameras.

Eighteen D-Class personnel were dispatched to the area in an attempt to secure the object, resulting in the self-termination of all involved subjects. Lead Researcher Jade then instructed the remaining D-Class personnel to kick SCP-020-J down the hallway and towards a corner, then cover it. Following the self-termination of twelve additional D-Class personnel, SCP-020-J was successfully contained.

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