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Item #: SCP-019-J

Object Class: Apollyon (Probably)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-019-J is currently dead. If anyone sees him alive again, please let us know, as he can resurrect1 himself. He will probably end the world, and it’s probably too late. We are helpless to his strength, and containment would likely be unsuccessful.

In addition to this, Danny is to regularly be reminded of his failures as a Foundation Archivist. Danny must also digitally record where he leaves any and all notebooks following use.

Description: SCP-019-J appears to be a middle aged Caucasian male from Utah, formerly known as David Exkayclass. This is just a facade. When he comes back, know he is lying. SCP-019-J displays no obvious anomalous properties, though he probably has a significant amount of them, still waiting to be found. He can be easily identified by a red birthmark stretching from his left cheek to his torso. The remainder of his body often appears red due to rashes caused by an allergy to the type of fabric which makes up the majority of his wardrobe.

Addendum 019-J.1: Recovery SCP-019-J first came to the Foundation's attention when the Unusual Incidents Unit of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation recovered a criminal from a local jail2 in Redactedsville, Utah. The UIU claimed that they had put SCP-019-J into their custody because he seemed important, but they likely did this because they wanted to seem important themselves. The Foundation quickly noticed multiple similarities to SCP-001-TUFTO and in response sent MTF Alpha-1 (“Right Red Hand”) to retrieve the entity3.

Similarities between SCP-001-TUFTO and SCP-019-J are great in magnitude and very concerning. Both entities have a notably red appearance, albeit for different reasons. Both entities are in marital relationships with seven different women. SCP-019-J has stated that this is for religious reasons, as he claims to be a Fundamentalist Mormon. This is likely a lie. SCP-019-J and SCP-001-TUFTO both have an affinity for spear-like objects, SCP-019-J having had seven sharpened sticks in his pocket at the time of his arrest, claiming that the objects were “toothpicks”. Both enjoy “The Crown,” with SCP-001-TUFTO wearing it on his head, and SCP-019-J being a self proclaimed ‘fan’ of the Netflix television series of the same name. Most notably, both have partaken in acts of fratricide and sororicide, the former of which being the reason for SCP-019-J’s initial apprehension. Lastly, both are known for their disdain for trees, with SCP-019-J often chopping them down4. Multiple other similarities have been noticed, though these have been excluded for brevity. For these reasons, the Foundation has taken the stance that SCP-019-J is likely a physical embodiment of SCP-001-Tufto, and must be stopped at all costs.

Addendum 019-J.2: SCP-019-J Interview

Foreword: The day following the recovery of SCP-019-J, an interview of the entity was deemed crucial to the success of the Foundation and the safety of humanity. Due to his vast knowledge pertaining to SCP-001-TUFTO and surrounding anomalies, 05-1 has volunteered to conduct this interview.
Interviewer: 05-1, Site █
Interviewee: SCP-019-J


05-1: Okay buster, the jig is up! We’ve caught you!

SCP-019-J: Who are you?

05-1: Don’t play dumb with me! Why are you here? Why roam the mortal coil? For a king who kills gods, I would think you a bit smarter than to willingly reveal yourself!

SCP-019-J: ‘Kill gods?’ I ran my brother over because I was drunk! It was the most traumatic event of my life! Where am I? Who are you? I wanna go back home!

05-1: You know damn well who I am, you foul red demon!

[SCP-019-J can be heard crying.]

SCP-019-J: You don’t have to make fun of it!

[A loud slapping noise can be heard, followed by a short exclamation of pain.]

05-1: Aha! You bleed! Further proof of my theory!

SCP-019-J: What is wrong with you? You’re a monster!

05-1: You call me a monster? I’m not the one who commits atrocities against the nature of reality!

SCP-019-J: It was an accident! I didn’t mean to kill him! I was going through a lot, okay? I’ve lived a life of mockery! Constant bullying for the marks on my face! My crime was a product of the cruelty of society! The constant torment brought me to severe alcoholism, I had no other choice! This is just as much your fault as it was mine!


05-1: If you refuse to cooperate, your termination is imminent. I care not for the man you claim to be your brother; I care solely for how you plan to end all existence. The Scarlet King’s reign has gone on far too long!

SCP-019-J: What?

[Three gunshots can be heard, followed by 117 more gunshots in rapid succession.]

05-1: Begone, you wretched cancer on the multiverse!


SCP-019-J’s corpse was quickly disposed of via incineration, twice, and then sent into an alternate dimension, where it currently resides. Due to its nature and the risk of its return, the anomaly has not been deemed decommissioned. Further information concerning the corpse's disposal is not available, as Danny lost the notebook which contains5 it.

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