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Item #: SCP-017-J

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-017-1-J is to be cordially uninvited from all events, get togethers, and special occasions. If SCP-017-1-J makes contact with intent to be at a function or event, the event should take place as intended and no changes should be made. However, all attendees of said event should be informed not to mention the existence, or the effects, of SCP-017-J to SCP-017-1-J, and just pretend to be overjoyed that she showed up in the first place.

Description: SCP-017-J is a temporal anomaly which is, in essence, a field of time displacement. The effect of SCP-017-J varies with no known causality, but the field can cause time displacement in measures varying from 15 minutes to 3 hours. The field itself is geographically locked to the residence located at ████ ████████ ██████, Dayton, OH. The only subject seemingly affected by the field is SCP-017-1-J.

SCP-017-1-J is a human female named Barbara ████. She is 67 years old of above average means and is in annoyingly good health. She has the seemingly preternatural ability to externalize blame, particularly on members of her family. The subject also displays a remarkable inability to read a clock or watch. Her residence falls within the area affected by SCP-017-J.

When the subject is intending to leave her residence, the temporal field activates. She then experiences the time displacement, making her between 15 minutes to 3 hours late to every god damned thing I have ever invited her to.


5/20/16- SCP-017-1-J is one hour and 45 minutes late for a college graduation ceremony for her own fucking daughter a post-graduate doctoral valedictorian. When asked, she dismisses it and instead blames ███████ University, insisting that if they had received all of that tuition money, then they could at least check to make sure everyone's family could be there. SCP-017-1-J is summarily reminded that she did not have to pay any tuition money since the graduate was the recipient of a full scholarship.

11/23/17- SCP-017-1-J is late for Thanksgiving dinner by two hours and 45 minutes. The subject swears that she "left the house on time" when asked, and blames the traffic. She then laments that the best part of the turkey has already been eaten, and then blames Dr. Connors for eating it. The subject rudely reminds Dr. Connors that she should be on a diet to lose weight if she ever wants a man to marry her and give the subject grandchildren, in front of the ENTIRE FAMILY. Dr. Connors believes that to be a bunch of bullshit and that SCP-017-1-J is being a huge bitch to her in her own home. Furthermore, she's focusing on her career and SCP-017-1-J should maybe have Thanksgiving by her damn self next year since nothing that Dr. Connors ever does is good enough for the subject.

12/20/17- Christmas is cancelled- Contact with SCP-017-1-J is lost until the subject decides to be involved in further research.

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