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Agent Boyd's non-anomalous daughter Sauerkraut, whom Agent Boyd hopes will be best friends with SCP-015-J.

Item #: SCP-015-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Upon its arrival at Site-77, SCP-015-J is to be gifted with a new terrarium fully fitted to whatever needs it might have, including:

  • Water tank for plenty of fluids.
  • Nice heating pads for warmth purposes.
  • Amazon wiretap thing to play soothing music and so maybe Researcher Slug can buy lightbulbs for the heat lamp if they burn out
  • Maybe a treadmill some snakes have legs???

Agent Boyd has proposed that, following SCP-015-J settling into its new home, that any informal reference to her as "that weird snake girl" be stricken from the record.

Description: SCP-015-J can be used both to identify a domesticated snake, purchased by Researcher Slug, to be delivered to Site-77 in the not too distant future and the anomalous levels of excitement felt by Agent Boyd upon hearing the news.

Available sources suggest SCP-015-J will be a small friend, with a spiraling pattern to its scales and a strawberry-colored complexion. It is hoped that SCP-015-J will be both capable of slithering and the flicking of the tongue. SCP-015-J is currently speculated to be just a baby, but this has not been confirmed. Direct consultation with Researcher Slug or other Foundation personnel connected with SCP-015-J has been restricted due to Agent Boyd being shy.

All details regarding SCP-015-J have been heard secondhand through overheard conversation, with details like "long" "twirly" and "red" occurring repeatedly along with references to SCP-015-J having imminent hunger needs. It is hoped that Researcher Slug will not be grossed out the first time that SCP-015-J does a big poop or eats a fuzzy mouse. Agent Boyd is available for reference in the event of such an occurrence, due to her years of experience in the field.

Cost-benefit analysis of lifting the ban on storing frozen mice in shared refrigeration spaces due to the presence of multiple animals utilizing said mice in their diets is ongoing. — Agent Boyd


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