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Item #: SCP-013-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Northern region of the Forest of █████████, where SCP-013-J is known to manifest, has been registered as a protected wildlife preserve, and fenced off and labelled accordingly. Foundation agents posing as forest rangers are on hand to deter trespassers. A platform, equipped with recording and transmitting equipment, is in place, directly overlooking the space SCP-013-J occupies when manifested.

SCP-013-J is to be approached by a Foundation field agent on a weekly basis, and the exchange is to be remotely observed and directed by at least one member of the 05 Council. Unless contradicted by the 05 Council member(s) in question, all of SCP-013-J's demands and suggestions are to be met as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-013-J is an instance of Sepia officinalis (common cuttlefish). Unlike its non-anomalous counterparts, SCP-013-J is seventeen meters in length, hovers in the air, while moving as an instance would while underwater, and speaks with a loud, high-pitched, echoing voice by unknown means, in addition, a bright, golden light radiates, seemingly from within SCP-013-J.

SCP-013-J regularly refers to itself as "The Cuttlefish of Ultimate Wisdom", and requires others to, before it will interact with them. SCP-013-J claims to be sensitive to future events, and will share possible means of preventing upcoming disasters, while often refusing to relinquish details of the disasters themselves.

SCP-013-J speaks with an overly-dramatic voice and often utilizes alternations in volume, pauses and extended vowel sounds for dramatic emphasis. Foundation staff who have been deemed quick to anger are not to approach SCP-013-J.

Below are the most recent recorded interactions with SCP-013-J.

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