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Item #: SCP-012-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An investigation is underway, to locate the “live studio audience”, SCP-012-J is supposedly recorded in front of. Until it is located, all Foundation staff are advised to be wary of exaggerated speech and body language, and implausible social faux pas. If an instance of SCP-012-J is suspected, staff are to refrain from vocalising any classified information.

Description: SCP-012-J is a phenomenon which infrequently affects the behaviour of Foundation sites' occupants, and how they are perceived by surveillance equipment. Footage of each instance of SCP-012-J is preceded by a short musical number, followed by the phrase “This episode of Special Comedy Procedures was filmed in front of a live studio audience”. While SCP-012-J is in effect, affected personnel will begin to speak more clearly, and periodically emphasise the end of sentences, after which, all subjects will remain silent for several seconds, while a soundtrack of multiple people laughing can be heard on the surveillance feed. In addition, surveillance equipment will periodically deactivate, commonly after a subject makes a confident claim regarding future events, surveillance will then resume when the claim is disproven, at which point the original speaker will resignedly comment thusly.

Below are the transcripts of each instance of SCP-012-J to date.

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