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Item #: SCP-011-J

Object Class: Euclid (Because we don’t know where it is! Do we? Where’s it gone?)

Special Containment Procedures: Any sighting of SCP-011-J must be acknowledged verbally, in a high-pitched voice, with all words sharply enunciated. Subjects must react in the same way when witnessing SCP-011-J disappear.

Description: SCP-011-J is the 6-month-old offspring of Foundation Doctor Jones, which has the anomalous power of dematerialising whenever an observer obstructs their vision with their hands, or nearby furniture. When visual contact is re-established, SCP-011-J rematerializes, to the great surprise and relief of onlookers.

Addendum: “Doctor Jones is to start working way fewer hours, and take some paternity leave! SCP reports are not how normal people interact with their kids, for fuck’s sake…”

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