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Item #: SCP-006-CU-EX

Object Class: Lifetime Companion

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-006-CU-EX1 are to be recovered by Mobile Task Force Phi-24 ("Exoskeleton Enthusiasts") and carefully brought to any Foundation site so they can be loved properly. It is imperative to Foundation operations to have a high SCP-006-CU-EX count in all dormitories, showers,2 cafeterias, gyms, and break rooms. We must have a chicken for every pot and a fly for every soup.

Anyone caught attempting to brutally murder an instance of SCP-006-CU-EX like a cold-blooded son-of-a-bitch is subject to immediate termination.


These things are fucking awesome!

Description: SCP-006-CU-EX is the collective designation for a group of completely resplendent insectoids colloquially referred to as bugs3. They all are so sweet and have soooo many wonderful textures. Between the contained instances of SCP-006-CU-EX we've found all of the beautiful colors of the double rainbow on their exoskeletons.

The feeling I get when an instance of SCP-006-CU-EX crawls on my skin makes me so giddy and bubbly that it has to be anomalous. All I want to do is hug them and hug them and never ever let them go.

Addendum 006-CU-EX-01:

As of ██/██/██ it has been determined that Assistant Entomologist Johnson has been affected by a memetic hazard and is scheduled for immediate termination. SCP-006-CU-EX has now been classified as explained. -O5-1

Addendum 006-CU-EX-02:

I think he just really really likes bugs. It's probably not memetic, Obro-1. -Head Entomologist Patrick

Addendum 006-CU-EX-03:

Head Entomologist Patrick has been slated for immediate termination because he has clearly been affected by a memetic hazard also. No more bugs. We are once again at peace with nature.

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