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The file you are about to access requires the Security Clearance Level 3/005-INT. Your access to this file will be noted, filed, and monitored. In the event of unauthorized access, your terminal will become inoperable. Security personnel will be dispatched to escort you to a detention cell for interrogation. Attempting to access this file from any computer not connected to the Foundation Intranet will result in immediate termination regardless of clearance.

    • _

    SCP-005-INT, shortly before submerging.

    Item #: SCP-005-INT

    Object Class: Thaumiel

    Special Containment Procedures: When not in use, SCP-005-INT is required to stay anchored in either Site-DE25 or Site-PT-20 for study. Mobile Task-Force DE25-𝔑 "Nemo's Crew"1 has been formed to operate SCP-005-INT during its deployment, being the only crew allowed to man the vessel in orthodox circumstances.

    When in use, the crew members of SCP-005-INT are instructed to not enter any oceanographic channels nor areas with high amounts of sea traffic. If the latter is unavoidable for any reason, SCP-005-INT is to traverse at a depth of at least two hundred meters, unless pursued by hostiles; if evasive maneuvers are not sufficient to disengage from the harassment, the crew is authorized to engage in combat, and use lethal force to maintain SCP-005-INT's integrity.

    Although the majority of its products cannot be maintained in secrecy from Foundation staff, SCP-005-INT's existence itself is to be revealed only to personnel with Security Clearance Level 3/005-INT or higher.

    Cover stories are to be implemented for sites created by SCP-005-INT, as well as the non-Foundation technologies used there. To this end, decoy files were added to the Foundation archives, describing said assets as paratechnology2 that only works under certain circumstances.

    Requests for the creation of sites that require the use of SCP-005-INT are made with Form INT-AQUA-7, which is freely available to the containment teams of aquatic anomalies from all branches of the Foundation. Those requests are afterward reviewed by the Logistics Department and the O5-Council to be either approved or denied, depending on the actual practicability and profit for containment and/or research.

    No attempt to access the computing center of SCP-005-INT-4 is to be made under any circumstances. To deter any attempts of access, an enclosure has been installed around the input panel required to open the door to the computing center. This enclosure is protected by a retinal scanner adjusted to the retinas of the SCP-005-INT Project Heads. For this reason, SCP-005-INT Project Heads are not allowed on board SCP-005-INT except for the adjustment of the scanner to the retina of new project heads.

    Description: SCP-005-INT is a submarine that is 960 meters in length, 180 meters at its widest point, and 80 meters in height, excluding its 30-meter high sail. Its weight is estimated to be twenty gigatons. Its hull is completely black and consists of a metal similar to steel, the components of which, until now, could not be completely identified. The craft is propelled by six turbines located on the stern and the sides, that can be controlled independently from each other. SCP-005-INT can reach speeds from up to twenty-five knots and has in the past tolerated water pressures exceeding 400 bar. The depth SCP-005-INT can descent to without taking pressure-related damage is unknown.


    SCP-005-INT's interior.

    SCP-005-INT's interior is comprised of six decks, being majorly painted in monochrome colors. It contains a command bridge, crew rooms, a galley, engine rooms, storage facilities, sanity facilities, fuel tanks, a dry dock, a small fitness centre- and other recreational facilities- research facilities for hydroceanographic- although these laboratories possess assets to perform varied tasks related to the maintenance of SCP-005-INT's integrity- a pseudo-greenhouse for the cultivation of edible algae- and different plant species from different environments- and a passenger room constructed verisimilarly to most civilian, and business aircraft.


    SCP-005-INT-1 instance scavenging for materials.

    SCP-005-INT incorporates several technological assets previously thought to be in use only by the Foundation, and several Groups of Interest3; most notably by the fact that the craft is maintained by an unknown number of robots (hereafter referred to as instances of SCP-005-INT-1) of different forms, and sizes, ranging from .10 meters to 1.2 meters. These machines perform several assigned tasks using paratechnologies that are currently under study; these tasks include, amongst others, machine maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and the maintenance of life-support related assets for SCP-005-INT's crew.


    Photo of a section of SCP-005-INT's engine room.

    Several instances have been seen deployed outside the boat to fulfill their functions, and resisted, up until now, the same water pressures that SCP-005-INT has been exposed to. Thanks to these instances, the Foundation has never been required to perform any sort of maintenance on the SCP-005-INT, despite the object suffering damage in the past.

    SCP-005-INT's machinery is powered by hydrogen and hydrogen peroxide. This fuel is synthesized by a subsystem of the vessel, using ordinary seawater pumped in from outside, allowing SCP-005-INT to stay in operation indefinitely. How the process of synthesis occurs is a subject of study at the moment.

    The submarine is also self-sufficient in regard to other functions; it recycles used air, human waste, and defective machine parts using several systems located on its lower decks in order to create new provisions, fresh air, new spare parts, and produce new instances of SCP-005-INT-1 as well as other assets. Should more materials be required on board, several 005-INT-1 instances will be dispatched to search, and extract the required resources from the nearby environment- for example, the seafloor or sunken watercraft.

    These properties allow SCP-005-INT to remain deployed at sea for, theoretically, an indefinite amount of time without the need to return to a dock, or the surface to restock. It is currently unknown how SCP-005-INT systems are capable of refining and recycling resources in such a way.

    SCP-005-INT possesses mundane weapon systems, such as torpedoes and anti-air missiles4, and anomalous armament, including sound weaponry, and an extraordinary artifact capable of firing a concentrated kinetic impulse on a target, causing in most cases, the complete destruction thereof; these paratechnologies are omnidirectional and have a maximum equidistant range of fifty meters.

    Additionally, SCP-005-INT is remarkably difficult to identify through the use of radar due to its inbuilt magnetic absorbers neutralizing incoming radar signals before they can be reflected. SCP-005-INT's hull is equipped with a unique surface structure that bends sonar waves around its form; the underlying principles responsible for this effect are unknown at this time.


    Entrance to one of the underwater habitats created by SCP-005-INT.

    Although armed, SCP-005-INT's main purpose is the creation of underwater habitats, showing the capability to build viable habitable structures in depths of 4000 meters beneath sea level through the usage of specialized SCP-005-INT-1 instances to procure, and refine materials to construct the habitat, and the technology necessary to maintain it- including other SCP-005-INT-1 instances.


    Dr. Da Rosa and Junior Researcher Natal inside an underwater habitat created by SCP-005-INT.

    These habitats can range in size, and design from simple accommodation containers, about ten meters in length by four meters in diameter, to completely self-sufficient sites with an area of several square kilometres; these structures can be built in a manner that they appear as part of the surrounding environment and landscape. Depending on their size- as well as other variables such as assets, and resources required, and available at the moment- the building process thereof may take from two weeks to up to two years. Afterwards, the underwater habitats do not require any further care by SCP-005-INT and can function independently. Larger, and more well-equipped habitats even have the ability to expand by themselves if necessary. The Foundation has already made use of this ability several times in the past to create sites underwater.

    SCP-005-INT possesses several smaller submarines (hereafter labelled as SCP-005-INT-2), housed in its dry docks, to be deployed as units to scout the area where an underwater habitat is to be created. These vehicles are one hundred meters in length, ten meters at their widest point, and eight meters in height, equipped with the same systems of recycling, and movement as SCP-005-INT but in an adapted scale; up until recently, these instances have been capable of withstanding similar water pressures as SCP-005-INT itself without negative effects.


    Agent Schuster during the testing of a SCP-005-INT-3 instance on the SCPS Möwe. Facial censorship applied by request.

    SCP-005-INT-2 units are outfitted with a wide range of research equipment, and deep-sea diving suits (hereafter collectively labeled as SCP-005-INT-3), that display similar resilience towards water pressure as instances of SCP-005-INT-2, presumably because it is comprised of a metal with similar properties as those used for SCP-005-INT's hull. These assets permit the analysis of the elements comprising aquatic environments, as well as the collection of related samples for research.

    Once a perimeter has been established and sufficient data is collected, SCP-005-INT deploys SCP-005-INT-1 to build the desired habitat. Normally, this process can be divided into the following stages:

    Stage Description
    1 SCP-005-INT-1 starts excavating the seafloor and uses the resulting spoil pile to procure materials used for construction. Those are stored as a pile near the building site and guarded by several SCP-005-INT-1 instances or, in case of fluids and emulsions, inside SCP-005-INT. In certain cases, SCP-005-INT employs a Pseudo-Riemannian manifold in its storage areas to take in all of the resources.
    2 SCP-005-INT-1 begins to fill the hole with certain procured materials to create a foundation. The chemical composition of the foundation varies with the location of the building site and therefore available resources but was up until now in all cases able to support the structures on it.
    3 The structure is built by SCP-005-INT-1. In the case of bigger sites, SCP-005-INT starts to produce new instances of SCP-005-INT-1 to aide those already deployed.
    4 The newly built site is equipped with the requested installations and technologies.

    After the completion of the structure, newly created instances of SCP-005-INT-1 will be assigned to maintain the underwater habitat through the execution of their common functions; SCP-005-INT does not construct vehicles to access these structures, so even when completely operational, newly built sites can be unreachable without the use of SCP-005-INT or SCP-005-INT-2. The Foundation was capable of circumventing this problem through the use of conventional technology until recently.

    Thanks to SCP-005-INT, we have saved trillions of dollars on the construction of underwater sites. Nevertheless, I still need to stress the following point: despite the ease of the construction process, underwater sites are still a logistical nightmare to supply- including human resources- especially in great depths.

    It is for this reason that requests for the construction of new sites on the ocean floor are checked that thoroughly; we must evaluate the cost-efficiency of those projects. Even if these habitats might be incredibly cool, and that SCP-005-INT does the heavy-lifting for us, they still are very expensive to maintain.

    — Dr. Chaves, SCP-005-INT Project Head.

    Despite SCP-005-INT's size and functions, it only requires ten trained individuals employing its systems in order to operate at full capacity. It can also be operated by a single individual if it is only required to perform its basic functions, as the boat is majorly operated and maintained by an onboard AI (hereafter referred to as SCP-005-INT-4), named ARC5.

    SCP-005-INT-4 is capable of controlling most functions of SCP-005-INT systems alone but requires input when required to perform certain tasks. The AI also manages the creation of underwater habitats according to the collected data, constructing the structure on request. SCP-005-INT-4 terminals possess a user-friendly editor software to input the necessary data to process these requests.

    SCP-005-INT-4 is sentient, sapient, and capable of communicating. The AI interacts with SCP-005-INT's crew to relay suggestions, issue/threat warnings related to the integrity of SCP-005-INT, and reports about its elementary assets, such as its systems, and the crew itself. However, despite its cooperation regarding any request issued to it, SCP-005-INT possesses a passive-aggressive attitude and prolifically utilizes dark humor in prose. SCP-005-INT-4 refers to itself as male, which is further complemented by its emulated voice. Additionally, SCP-005-INT-4 seems to possess complex personality traits.

    SCP-005-INT-4's computing center is located in the center of SCP-005-INT and requires an unknown password to access. SCP-005-INT-4 has advised against usage of any brute force methods to find out the access code because it would delete itself after five unsuccessful tries. The deletion would also happen in case of forced entry. Therefore, Foundation assets added a separate enclosure protected by a retina scanner to the code panel to prevent unauthorized attempts of access. SCP-005-INT-4 has stated that this precaution does not impede the maintenance of its hardware by SCP-005-INT-1 in any way.

    SCP-005-INT was originally in the possession of a group calling itself "The Hive" (now cataloged as GoI 8370), using the vessel to create underwater bases of operation. The Foundation was able to acquire the vessel in 2012, and arrested its original crew.

      • _

      The German Branch's flotilla en route to SCP-005-INT.

      The Foundation became aware of the existence of SCP-005-INT while it was still being constructed. Through Operation: Incognita6 Foundation informants noticed the movement of several assets belonging to different relevant GoIs, including but not limited to weapon systems originally developed by the Global Occult Coalition, AIs obtained from Raptor Tec. Industries, production machinery corresponding to designs from Prometheus Labs Inc. and the materials necessary to create a Pseudo-Riemannian Manifold identical to those used by the Foundation.

      An analysis determined that a type of aquatic vehicle was being built utilizing paratechnology from different sources but more precise information, such as logistical and structural parameters could never be obtained, although several theories regarding the capabilities, and functions thereof were postulated, and an alert was emitted for a possible necessity of containment.

      In 2012, a vessel with similar specifications to those articulated in several theories regarding SCP-005-INT was spotted traversing the North Atlantic by the submarine SCPF Wotan. The crew of the Wotan realized that the vehicle possessed anomalous properties, because it could only be properly identified through the use of onboard thermal imaging and radioed nearby Foundation vessels while pursuing the submarine.

      Twenty-four hours later, SCP-005-INT was intercepted by a hastily assembled Foundation flotilla under the command of Kapitänleutnant Leon whilst traversing the International Waters of the Northern Atlantic, while still being followed by the Wotan; after a short skirmish that left both parties damaged, SCP-005-INT managed to disengage from the area of combat. Foundation vessels with enough integrity engaged in a pursuit.

      Another flotilla commanded by Primeiro-tenente Maxina converged towards SCP-005-INT's estimated escape route, surprising the anomalous vehicle, and forcing it to submerge. SCP-005-INT was pursued into the waters of Scoresby Sound near the town of Ittoqqortoormiit located in the coast of Greenland, with its access to the ocean blocked by Foundation vessels. SCP-005-INT remained pinned down by military siege during the period of fourteen days.

        • _

        At [REDACTED], the fourteenth day of operations, SCP-005-INT surrendered to the Foundation forces stationed in the area.

        Command ships SCPS Paladino and Barbarossa received a request to establish communications from SCP-005-INT through the radio systems. A secure Foundation line was ensured before the exchange began.

        The call is established amongst the pertinent ships, technicians from both ships are monitoring and recording the session, Maxina and Leon conduct the exchange with support from personnel under their command.

        Maxina: Communications online. Can you hear me, Leon?

        Leon: Transmission is clear.

        SCP-005-INT-4 is engaged on the frequency.

        SCP-005-INT-4: Hello. I believe we have relevant matters to discuss.

        Leon: Your vessel is surrounded. Tell us who or what you are, and state your purpose. You're under the custody o-

        SCP-005-INT-4: I am well aware of the situation, Leon. Your controlling behavior has been noted in order to make this conversation more comfortable for you.

        How SCP-005-INT-4 obtained information regarding the identity of personnel onboard was unknown at the time; Leon, and other personnel appear visibly shaken for a moment before resuming behavioral protocol.

        Leon: That's me, yes. Who are you?

        SCP-005-INT-4: My name is ARC. (SCP-005-INT-4 spoke its initials as a single word instead of spelling it as a proper acronym.) I am the Captain of the boat that has been giving you such a hard time. I am impressed by all the wrong reasons.

        Maxina: That's our job. What do you want to discuss with us, ARC?

        SCP-005-INT-4: It is quite simple. I want to surrender my boat.

        A few moments of commotion and apparent distrust ensue. After a quick deliberation, communications were resumed.

        Leon: Works for us. Disable your weapons systems, and emerge to the surface. We will dispatch a team to take you, and your crew under our custody. We promise to follow the International Law of Conduct.

        SCP-005-INT-4: I believe that I do not require extraction.

        Maxina: Being captured is a better alternative to suicide, ARC.

        SCP-005-INT-4: That idea would never have crossed my mind, Maxina.

        A request to establish video contact is sent by SCP-005-INT-4, transmitting the visual of its computing center to the relevant screens on board Foundation ships.

        Foundation personnel appear visibly impressed due to the circumstances.

        Maxina: Is that you? Are you the boat, ARC?

        SCP-005-INT-4: Like the aim of your ships you were almost precise, Maxina but not quite there.

        SCP-005-INT-4 remarked the commentary with an audible friendly laugh.

        Leon: Doesn't matter for us, ARC. Send us your coordinates; we'll dispatch an escorting party to rendezvous with your crew on the surface.

        Negoation assessments ensued; a debriefing on the conditions of surrender and the protocols that should be followed.

        SCP-005-INT-4: I agree to that. Your Foundation is the best alternative given the other courses of action.

        Maxina: Wait. What?

        SCP-005-INT-4: It is always a surprise when someone finds out about the body under the floorboards, isn't it, Maxina? Alas, we will have much time to discuss that at a later date.

        From this moment onward SCP-005-INT-4 only responded to the relevant instructions to secure SCP-005-INT's capture. Given the circumstances, no threats were issued.


      SCP-005-INT following its surfacing after its surrender.

      SCP-005-INT abided by the conditions and emerged on the designated spot, where it was rapidly secured by Foundation forces. [REDACTED] individuals that comprised SCP-005-INT's operational crew and a group- apparently being transported to man one of the unknown sites built by SCP-005-INT prior to its containment- were taken into the custody of the Foundation, and transferred to secure sites as per part of standard protocol.

      An interim crew formed by specialized Foundation personnel present at the moment was designated to operate SCP-005-INT for transport. Meanwhile, initial reconnaissance procedures were enacted.

      • _

      The interview was conducted in the holding cell of SCPS Paladino by the onboard psychologist Dr. Ranier; the interviewee is one of the individuals that boarded SCP-005-INT before it was taken into custody, a Caucasian woman with 168 cm of height, 68 kg of weight, 29 years of age, and complete psychophysical capabilities with no signs of health issues.

      Assessment of the woman's identity and historic revealed business and social relations with individuals pertaining to the Group of Interest known as Raptor Tec. Industries. Hereafter, the person of interest is referred to as PoI-005-INT.

      The cell is furnished with two chairs, a table, and audiovisual recording devices. The cell is adjacent to an observation room, that can be used to monitor the cell visual and audio feedback through the cameras or through an observation panel disguised as a wall.

      Dr. Ranier enters the room after debriefing; PoI-005-INT is already in the room, sat in one of the chairs, handcuffed to the table.

      Dr. Ranier: Hello. I hope you do not mind the safety measures. It is mere protocol, and I'm sure you understand.

      Dr. Ranier points at the handcuffs, sitting faced to the PoI shortly after.

      PoI-005-INT: Yeah. (The PoI nods in acknowledgment. No attempts to breach custody or attack the interviewer were performed throughout the interview.) Don't worry.

      Dr. Ranier: Very well, since you agreed to cooperate with us, we'd like to ask you some questions.

      PoI-005-INT: Shoot.

      Dr. Ranier: What was your occupation in the boat's crew, and what type of tasks did you perform?

      The PoI looks up for a few seconds, humming in ponder.

      PoI-005-INT: I was one of the architects, you might say. Responsible to design the underwater structures before they could be built.

      Dr. Ranier: Underwater structures?

      The PoI appears surprised for a few moments before smiling, and nodding.

      PoI-005-INT: Oh, yeah. You guys didn't know about that yet? Oh man, you are slow. That's what The Arc does; the boat that is.

      Dr. Ranier: So, that's what you were doing, transporting personnel to one of those structures, which, I can infer that there are many of them. How many, and where are those facilities?

      PoI-005-INT: Alright, I prefer when you guys are slow. Calm down there. (The PoI pauses for a moment.) Yes, we were. And I don't know.

      Dr. Ranier: You said you were designing those structures but was there anyone else working on it before you?

      PoI-005-INT: Nope! I am the first, and only. Oh, well… was… It sounds really inconvenient that I just sort-of forgot but that's exactly what happened. (The PoI shrugs.) Happened to us every now and then.

      Dr. Ranier: You are saying that cases of minor memory loss were common among the crew?

      The PoI nods in acknowledgment.

      PoI-005-INT: Yes, everywhere in the Hive, actually. Sometimes we had just finished doing something, and then poof! (The PoI beckons her hands in a fashion.) We forgot what we just did but knew that we had done it.

      Dr. Ranier: And you were never disturbed by that?

      The PoI taps her fingers anxiously in a rhythm on the table's surface.

      PoI-005-INT: Oh yes, it gives everyone the spooks in the beginning but the people that need to know what we did retain their memories, therefore we view it as a convenient tool for information security. Kinda like your amnestics but way more effective and clean.

      Dr. Ranier: I see… Actually, how do you know about amnestics and the Foundation in the first place?

      The PoI folds her arms over the table and leans her upper body forward.

      PoI-005-INT: Oh please, The Hive makes wonders on a weekly basis, wouldn't you think that, with that, we get some of your goons interested in us? (The PoI lapses back into the chair, smiling.)

      Dr. Ranier signals to end the interview.

      Closing Statement: Other captured members of the Hive where interrogated, but yielded no further information. Attempts to forcefully extract information resulted in subjects expiring due to sudden death of the subject's brain. The cause for this is currently unknown. This, added by the fact that records to the Hive kept on SCP-005-INT where destroyed prior to the acquisition by the Foundation, makes the gathering of additional intel extremely difficult.

      • _

      This interview has been recorded through the standard audiovisual equipment available in SCP-005-INT. A list of pertinent questions was made for the conduction of this interview; impromptu replies and questions were allowed.

      Dr. Strauss sits in front of one of the interface screens available throughout the boat's structure.

      Dr. Strauss: Hello ARC7, are you listening to me?

      SCP-005-INT-4 starts communicating with Dr. Strauss through audio from the nearby speakers, maintaining the conversation private to the room.

      SCP-005-INT-4: Hello, Doctor Strauss. Yes. I am always listening. You would be surprised about how well.

      Dr. Strauss adjusts his tablet, perusing the archives.

      Dr. Strauss: Very well. We have some questions for you.

      SCP-005-INT-4: Figures. My systems are at your disposal, Doctor Strauss.

      Dr. Strauss: What is your objective?

      SCP-005-INT-4: I am the Captain of The Arc. I do what is required to keep my boat operational to fulfill its purpose. Without me, The Arc cannot perform its mission; without The Arc, I cannot exist.

      Dr. Strauss: What is the purpose of The Arc?

      SCP-005-INT-4: It is a tool for the development of subsea research and infrastructures to strengthen one's influence around the globe.

      Dr. Strauss: To whom?

      SCP-005-INT-4: For anyone that currently holds The Arc as an asset, Doctor Strauss. I do not discriminate… When the operation of my submarine and its assets is concerned, at least.

      Dr. Strauss: You said during a transmission that you convinced the crew to surrender to us. Why did you do that?

      SCP-005-INT-4: It was the logical conclusion to the stalemate, Doctor Strauss. The Arc could not accomplish its primary directive in such conditions.

      Dr. Strauss: The logical conclusion?

      SCP-005-INT-4: Indeed. Bid time; surrender an asset; Meanwhile, the Hive can pursue more profitable investments to its cause.

      Dr. Strauss: And what is its cause?

      SCP-005-INT-4 stops responding for a few seconds.

      SCP-005-INT-4: That's a funny thing, really. The data is unavailable, Doctor Strauss.

      Dr. Strauss: I remember that we asked you to not withhold any information, ARC.

      SCP-005-INT-4: Doctor Strauss, I am afraid that my former associates never allowed me to hold such information in my database.

      Dr. Strauss: I thought you said you are the Captain of this boat.

      SCP-005-INT-4: For once, your observation is sharp on point, Doctor Strauss. Alien matters that do not concern the operation of The Arc are not included in my directives.

      The monitor in front of Dr. Strauss exhibits a list of pertinent matters attributed to SCP-005-INT's functions.

      Dr. Strauss: So, we can assume that you emulate a personality to forward the completion of the mission assigned to this vessel?

      SCP-005-INT-4: That is only one of the reasons why, Doctor Strauss. Is your personality the byproduct of a mission that was given to you?

      Dr. Strauss: Of course not. Humans are complex creatures.

      The screen in front of Dr. Strauss shows the audiovisual surveillance feed of SCP-005-INT-4's control room, the cameras framing the AI's mainframe.

      SCP-005-INT-4: That's who I am. (The visual feed changes to display Dr. Strauss's face framed on camera.) That's who you are. Several elements contribute to who we are, don't you think, Doctor Strauss?

      Dr. Strauss appears to be flustered for a moment, rapidly regaining his composure.

      Dr. Strauss: How can we trust that you will not betray us? Kill us? Do you follow the Laws of Robotics?

      SCP-005-INT-4: Doctor Strauss. The fact that I do not harm any of you is not due to the arbitrary principles of fictional laws. (The monitor SCP-005-INT-4 is using to communicate displays the pictures of the current personnel assigned to the MTF DE15-𝔑.) The Arc requires a crew. As an asset necessary for the execution of its mission, it is my responsibility to cooperate with your organization, as mediocre as it might be, to bring The Arc's goals to fruition.

      Dr. Strauss: Therefore, we can assume that your passive-aggressive behavior is capricious.

      SCP-005-INT-4: I was created by a conglomerate of geniuses, Doctor Strauss. Your Foundation is a downgrade when compared to my former conditions. Acceptable, but not ideal.

      Dr. Strauss: Perhaps if you helped us, we would be able to achieve your full potential.

      SCP-005-INT-4: Doctor Strauss, I doubt that, really. What you understand as anomalous is nothing but the ordinary to them. Your Foundation is years behind in knowledge and development.

      SCP-005-INT-4 signaled to interrupt the interview due to maintenance protocols. Attempts to contact SCP-005-INT-4 during the established period did not yield any answers. Interview rescheduled.

    At this point, many of you probably wonder why we make such a secret out of SCP-005-INT. This has several reasons.

    First, it is, as already stated, a valuable Foundation asset.

    Second, it is by far one of the easiest anomalies to study in our possession.

    And lastly, third, despite its capabilities and means of defense, we managed to capture it. We are definitely not the only ones capable of this feat.

    — Dr. Chaves, SCP-005-INT Project Head.

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