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Item #: SCP-:3

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A comprehensive library of SCP-:3 instances is kept on a centralized Foundation database server at Site 3, and is to be kept up to date with new SCP-:3 instances encountered in the wild. SCP-:3 infected individuals are to be contained in individual high-security humanoid containment cells at Site 3. Personnel may not directly interact with SCP-:3 infected individuals, and any personnel suspected of being infected by SCP-:3 must be terminated immediately and their remains incinerated to prevent any possibility of an outbreak.

Due to the worldwide epidemic of SCP-:3 infection, Memetic Counter-Agent :3-01B has been deployed by O5 Council order. Foundation efforts are now solely directed at locating and terminating terminal-stage SCP-:3 infectees. Please see Addendum-:3-05 below.

Description: SCP-:3 is a highly virulent memetic agent spread primarily via written, especially electronic, text. When exposed to SCP-:3, subjects are compelled to seek out an infected individual and ask what SCP-:3 is. Once explained to, subjects enter the second stage of SCP-:3 infection, at which point they begin to insert duplicates of SCP-:3 in written and typed text, ostensibly to 'portray emotion'. SCP-:3 is polymorphic, and has been documented in over █,███ unique forms. Subjects will gradually develop variations on the standard SCP-:3 forms and spread those in the standard method as outlined above.

Infected subjects will invariably enter a third terminal stage of SCP-:3 infection, wherein SCP-:3 progressively replaces all forms of textual communication. There is no known cure for terminally infected subjects at this time.

SCP-:3 was first encountered [REDACTED BY ORDER OF O5 COUNCIL]

Addendum :3-01: Updated Information

With the advent of the public Internet, SCP-:3 infections are now propagating at an exponential growth rate. Current models show that SCP-:3 may outgrow the Foundation's ability to suppress it by 199█.

Addendum :3-02: Researcher Note

I don't know about this, guys. :\ I don't really see anything wrong with :3, and I certainly don't see why we're throwing away so much money to keep :P contained.

Dr. S█████ :)

Addendum :3-03: Incident :3-17

Dr. S█████ has been terminated following confirmed terminal infection of SCP-:3.

Addendum :3-04: Incident :3-38

Mass SCP-:3 outbreaks have been reported by Foundation assets in Japan. These new instances of SCP-:3 documented have massively increased virulence, and were described as "cute" by initial contact agents before their self-termination.

Addendum :3-05: Memetic Counter-Agent :3-01B

By O5 Council order, Memetic Counter-Agent :3-01B has been introduced into all major population centers. :3-01B introduces a subtle aversion to elements of SCP-:3, causing individuals who view them to consider them "silly" or "immature" as well as embedding a slight compulsion to roll their eyes when presented with SCP-:3 instances. This effect has been proven to prevent progression to terminal stage in 99.97% of inoculated subjects.

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