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The surrounding area of SCP-0025.

Item #: SCP-0025

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0025 is to be continuously observed by the Foundation, with researchers and D-Class stationed at Outpost-0025. Outpost-0025 is constructed below SCP-0025 on the same mountain slope, with a metal staircase leading to the entrance. This staircase is to be kept clear of snow.

At least one researcher and one D-Class are to watch SCP-0025 at all times. Any notable changes in SCP-0025 are to be reported to the Outpost-0025 Senior Researcher. All other changes are to be recorded separately.

Access into SCP-0025 is forbidden for all personnel. Under no circumstances are personnel to enter SCP-0025. Testing has been suspended indefinitely.

Description: SCP-0025 is an inn located in the Eastern Alps, constructed in a Gothic Revival style. There are no established trails leading to SCP-0025, nor have there ever been any trails that pass within one kilometer of SCP-0025. No information concerning SCP-0025 prior to its discovery in 1874 by F████ W█████1 has been discovered. The circumstances of SCP-0025's construction and initial inhabitation are unknown.

SCP-0025 is present to highly variable anomalous phenomena, which are generally inimical to continued human life inside the building. SCP-0025 consistently interferes with all electronic recording devices, normally replacing any recording produced with static.

Twenty-five fatalities have been recorded within SCP-0025 since it was discovered by the Foundation.2 Only a single individual — D-JJ87A0 — has spent over an hour in SCP-0025 without dying.3 The causes of these fatalities are recorded below:

  • Three deaths from stab wounds. All victims were stabbed in their torso. No murder weapon was found.
  • Four deaths from heat stroke. Ambient temperatures at the time were below freezing.
  • Six deaths from accelerated renal failure. All victims were in late-stage renal failure when recovered, despite being healthy before entrance.
  • Two deaths from complete liquification.
  • Four individuals dead from cranial trauma. Wounds were identical in all cases, caused by blunt impact.
  • Three heart attacks.
  • One individual was found with skeletal and muscle structure having been fatally rearranged into the shape of a chair.
  • Two individuals have entered SCP-0025 without being recovered. They are presumed deceased and counted as fatalities.

During F████ W█████'s initial 1874 discovery of SCP-0025, he happened upon SCP-0025 at night, during an attempt to traverse the Eastern Alps. He recorded the following in a journal, later collected from his personal residence by the Foundation in 1910.

The hill my colleague and I approached had an aura of tranquility to it; although it was just as jarring and unsettling as an abandoned sanatorium. I fear we made a poor choice in pressing onward through the storm, but I am grateful to see this inn as a welcoming overnight stay.

F████ W█████ and the other members of his party then entered SCP-0025. The size and composition of the party is unclear. While all journal entries prior to entering SCP-0025 indicate that there was initially only a single colleague, the number fluctuates within SCP-00254 and two companions are present in all entries after exiting, neither of which appear to be the original colleague.

After entry, the journal becomes mostly incoherent and hard to interpret, until leaving SCP-0025. It is believed that this is an effect of SCP-0025, but it is unclear if represents an altered mental state of W█████ or if the journals themselves were altered. Notably, all evidence indicates that the journal was written several days after the group had left SCP-0025.

SCP-0025 was first discovered by the Foundation in 1910 by a survey team. On their recommendation, Outpost-0025 was constructed in order to better study the anomaly. Outpost-0025 was built and constructed at effective safe distance of two hundred meters.

Addenda: The sole individual who has survived for more than one hour in SCP-0025 was D-JJ87A0, who spent eleven-hours and thirty-three minutes inside. D-JJ87A0 had been in custody at Outpost-0025, but broke free and escaped from the site into the middle of a severe blizzard, at 1:47 AM. Due to limited visibility and cold weather conditions, D-JJ87A0 was forced to take shelter inside SCP-0025.

Security personnel tracked D-JJ87A0 through the snow and up to the entrance to SCP-0025. Inclement weather conditions forced personnel to retreat back to Outpost-0025, where it was decided to wait for the blizzard to end and then retrieve the body of D-JJ87A0.

When the blizzard ended at 9:15 AM, a retrieval team left the outpost and attempted to enter SCP-0025. However, all windows were sealed shut and doors locked from the interior. Attempts at battering the door down or breaking the windows was unsuccessful. These anomalous features had been seen before: when SCP-0025 had apparently decided to trap and torment its victim.

At approximately seven and half hours of elapsed time within SCP-0025, D-JJ87A0 was already one of the longest surviving victims. Around this time, he was spotted through one of the windows and made eye contact with a security team. He then quickly ran out of view, apparently from an unseen force or entity.

At 1:20 PM, the front doors of SCP-0025 suddenly opened. Nothing was seen at first until D-JJ87A0 was sent flying from a darkened interior hallway into a snow bank, at speeds exceeding 50 km/h. This snow bank cushioned D-JJ87A0's impact but collapsed over him, requiring security personnel to quickly dig him out.

Remarkably, D-JJ87A0 was both alive and conscious upon recovery. He was apprehended and then brought into Foundation security. The following interview was conducted as soon as he was brought into the site and confirmed to be alive.

Interview Log Transcript

Interviewer: Doctor Joannes Lambert

Interviewed: D-JJ87A0

Dr. Lambert: I have to say congratulations at the very least. You've spent the longest amount of time anyone has ever spent in SCP-0025 and you're the only to have ever been ejected.

D-JJ87A0: Thank you.

Dr. Lambert: I'd like to hear about how you managed that. Some highly trained agents have gone in there and they lasted, perhaps, an hour at most. You spent just under twelve hours in there. How?

D-JJ87A0: Let me out.

Dr. Lambert: I'm sorry?

D-JJ87A0: I'll give you the whole story. I'll tell you how to survive in there if you release me after I'm done telling it. But you need to promise me that up front or I'm not talking.

Dr. Lambert: You might need to be amnesticized. But I think I can make it work. I'll try to do everything I can to get you out of here.

D-JJ87A0: The first step is mindset. You don't have what it takes. You will never have what it takes and I don't think any of your agents would have. Nobody in this entire site comes close.

Dr. Lambert: What mindset do you need?

D-JJ87A0: Rage. You gotta have one thought and that thought has to be fucking rage.

Dr. Lambert: That's it? That's not … particularly difficult to achieve.

D-JJ87A0: You can't hold anything else in your head is the problem. If you have any other emotions, you have to be able to convert them into rage. Love? Hope? Joy? Burn it all down and use the fury as fuel.

Dr. Lambert: That doesn't sound healthy.

D-JJ87A0: I haven't been in a great state of mind or body lately, no. But you know where I've been for the past few weeks, all too well.

Dr. Lambert: Ah, right. But how did you use those emotions to survive inside of SCP-0025?

D-JJ87A0: Keeps you moving forward. Keeps you resisting, fighting back.

Dr. Lambert: We're looking for specifics, D-JJ87A0.

D-JJ87A0: Fine. I kept my wits about me, I had a bit of knowledge on how to do things and I used my anger to keep me going. When they came for me in the kitchen, I threw salt everywhere and made a dozen circles. When a ghost walked up to me in there wearing the face of my dead father, I bashed that face in with a silver candlestick. When it got hot in there, I let my cold revenge spill out of me and freeze the room. That one won't make sense to you. It'll only make sense to somebody who's been in there.

Dr. Lambert: I see. Would another D-Class be able to survive in there?

D-JJ87A0: Maybe. Maybe not. It's going to be on the part of that man when he's in there that helps him survive. The structure will try to tear him apart. It always does.

Dr. Lambert: Always? What do you mean, always? You were alone in there and that was your first time.

D-JJ87A0: I've been in there before. I'm still in there, in a matter of speaking. All that changed was my cell.

Dr. Lambert: [Pauses.] Could anyone other than D-Class survive?

D-JJ87A0: Like you, you mean? One of your suits or doctors? Ha! No, you're a part of it. You won't get ground down but absorbed.

Dr. Lambert: Hmm. Well, thank you, D-JJ87A0. We'll be speaking again.

D-JJ87A0: That isn't my name.

D-JJ87A0 was held for three weeks following the conclusion of this interview. Further interrogations were unsuccessful at drawing any new information from D-JJ87A0. Following a nomination by Dr. Lambert, D-JJ87A0 was released from Foundation custody under the standard protocols for the release of D-Class procedures, with amnestic therapy administered to remove memories of Foundation containment.


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