5/002-J LEVEL 5/002-J



Item #: SCP-002-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-002-J are to be kept in Site 200's mental health facilities and given proper treatment for symptoms including: anterograde amnesia, retrograde amnesia, dementia, Alzheimer's, cerebral flatulence, insomnia, and tongue sparsity. Testing of SCP-002-J is suspended indefinitely.

Description: SCP-002-J refers to individuals of varying age, sex, and ethnicity all suffering from some manner of memory loss. Up until 20██, SCP-002-J instances were employed by Foundation personnel as tools administered to civilians exposed to anomalies and/or who have gained undue knowledge of Foundation activity as a means of preventing the leak of classified information.

When employed properly, SCP-002-J instances between 4 and █,██4 swarm targeted individuals, typically invading individuals' personal space and engaging them in a series of questions to distract and befuddle the person(s) long enough for Foundation personnel to vacate the area. Questions frequently asked have included "who are you?", "where am I?", "are you alive?", "this isn't where I parked my car?", "where do whores go?", "you're not Alan?", and "how am I trespassing?"

While proven effective for ██ years, instances of SCP-002-J began to inadvertently reveal information regarding the Foundation to civilians. In many cases, SCP-002-J instances had gained knowledge of several memetic SCPs and caused █ containment breaches as a result.

This event necessitated a mass-recall of all Foundation amnesiacs while a more effective tool was developed. In the intervening period, personnel were authorized to use Agent-PBR, Agent-1800, and Agent-MD20² to induce memory loss in civilian witnesses.

Attempts to discern how SCP-002-J gained knowledge of sensitive Foundation information were largely unsuccessful. An interview is logged below.

Transcript of conversation between Dr. Marlowe and SCP-002-J-41

<Begin Log, 04:04:17>

Dr. Marlowe: Hello, my name is Dr. Marlowe.

SCP-002-J-41: Who are you? Where am I?

Dr. Marlowe: I'm Dr. Marlowe. You're at Site 200.

SCP-002-J-41: Is this Site 19? Can I ask questions here?

Dr. Marlowe: I just told you, this is Site 200.

SCP-002-J-41: I can't ask questions here?

Dr. Marlowe: You're— Okay. Do you have any memory of the events that occurred yesterday?

SCP-002-J-41: In the afternoon or evening?

Dr. Marlowe: In the afternoon, please.

SCP-002-J-41: Dang, I was afraid of that…

Dr. Marlowe: Just stay focused; do you remember the incident that took place that evening, then?

SCP-002-J-41: I don't mean to be wasting your time, I'm sorry… are we cool yet?

Dr. Marlowe: How did you gain knowledge regarding SCP-███?

SCP-002-J-41: Is that the sphere? Or wait, the one that's definitely not a sphere?

Dr. Marlowe: No, it's [REDACTED].

SCP-002-J-41: "Are" or "Ear"?

Dr. Marlowe: What?

SCP-002-J-41: Huh?

Dr. Marlowe: How did you learn about SCP-███, the [REDACTED]

SCP-002-J-41: I don't know. How much longer is this gonna take? I don't remember if I walked here or drove, I can't find my keys anywhere.

Dr. Marlowe: We're just about done, I think.

SCP-002-J-41: Great. I've been meaning to catch up on [REDACTED] but for the life of me I just can't remember what episode I'm by. Been distracted by the news, you know. Speaking of which, you hear about that thing down in Samothrace?

Dr. Marlowe: You [EXPLETIVE]—

<End Log>

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