'Schulman-NY Programmable Mnestic Device' (AC34D/NC77Q/95DCS)

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Status Selling
Demand Low
Value 8000USD/6000GBP per Piece
Availability Current Inventory (210)
Identifier Schulman-NY Programmable Mnestic Device
Description A small device with a programmable electronic component and a biochemical intravenous or lumbar puncture component, used to forcibly recall memories which have been expunged from the mind of the user. Usage of the item to recall memories lost through both anomalous and non-anomalous means has a 94% success rate.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Initial Report
Author Bruce Schulman Jr. Date January 15, 2014
Interest Medium Identifier Schulman-NY Programmable Mnestic Device
Faced with the challenge of countering the effects of amnesticization — be it via the Foundation and Global Occult Coalition's non-anomalous chemical amnestics, or anomalous memory-affecting hazards — I developed a device which is capable of altering memory recall, and even reversing memory expungement entirely.
Marketing Note: It is also useful in recalling social events and meeting minutes in a format that other attendees will not have access to.
File Opened Under: AC34D/NC77Q/95DCS
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Inventory Information
Owner Quantity Comments
Marshall, Carter and Dark LLP 210 items Limited number available from supplier.
The Foundation 8 items One item purchased under false customer pretenses by undercover operative. Seven items stolen from warehouse in North Carolina. All items are most likely being used or stored at Site-42 as of July 15, 2015.
Customers 394 items 394 individuals have purchased this item.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Memo 01
Sender Amos Marshall Recipient Bruce Schulman Jr.
After an unrelated run-in with a few Foundation operatives in North Carolina, a member of the sales team for an anomalous item was briefly captured and released following amnesticization. With assistance, this individual programmed your device to the specific date and time of the capture, entered information regarding the details of the item forgotten, and was successfully able to recall that which had been removed through the use of Class-A aerosol amnestics. Because of this, a description of the item lost to Foundation possession was circulated throughout the company, and agents were able to reacquire it within 30 days.

My only concern is that the device requires somewhat detailed text input in order to access memories properly. If a user does not have at least a small amount of detailed information on that which they intend to recall, the device is not accessible. I recognize that this is quite the hurdle to overcome, but it's worth noting.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Incident Report 01
Author Bruce Schulman Jr. Date July 15, 2015
We've seen a noticeable decline in sales this month and the last, and we're not looking good now that we're halfway through the month. Maybe that's why I wasn't smart enough to pick up on the "private anomalous institution" researcher picking up one of these, but when she showed me images and video of her laboratory and citations of papers she'd published under that name, she seemed legitimate. To my dismay, my security officer cross-referenced our office's security feeds with our limited database of Foundation personnel files, ran it through the facial recognition software, and found that she's actually a Foundation researcher at Site-42 in North Carolina. One device missing isn't worth an organized raid on one of the most fortified sites out there, since they've no doubt had enough time by this point to break it down and analyze it, but it's worth noting that the Foundation is probably going to start reverse-engineering my device, and whatever they make out of it will no doubt be a threat.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Sale Records
Records From: January 2014 to April 2018
Month Sold Comments
January 2014 23 Initial sales, six of which were from exclusive pre-orders.
February 2014 12 Sales dwindle after initial popularity among target demographics.
March 2014 13 Similar popularity for several months.
Q2 2014 31 For the purposes of condensing the chart, a switch to quarterly sales numbers is begun here.
Q3 2014 36
Q4 2014 38
Q1 2015 39 An error traced to marketing caused information about the device to be missing from 2015 promotional materials.
Q2 2015 28 Noticeable decline in demand. Initially considered the result of the marketing error. Information about the product is reintroduced in a semiannual circular.
Q3 2015 25
Q4 2015 33
Q1 2016 25
Q2 2016 17
Q3 2016 19
Q4 2016 14
Q1 2017 9
Q2 2017 9
Q3 2017 10
Q4 2017 4
Q1 2018 6 Marketing error repeated the omission of the product for the 2016 and 2017 catalogs. Department found to be unfamiliar with the product. Reintroduced for 2018.
April 2018 3
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Transcribed messages:
Bruce Schulman Jr./Amos Marshall
Records From: 03/23/2018, 12:56 - 13:05
Time User Message
12:56 Bruce Schulman Jr. Are you online?
12:56 Amos Marshall yes I am here
12:56 Bruce Schulman Jr. I've got trouble.
12:56 Amos Marshall what is going on
12:56 Bruce Schulman Jr. These memory events are getting worse.
12:56 Bruce Schulman Jr. I've got independent containment contractors tracking this thing. We need to figure out large-scale marketing sooner rather than later, or we're going to miss the business opportunity this presents.
12:57 Amos Marshall very worried about that Bruce. Foundation is watching these events closely
12:57 Amos Marshall I understand where you are coming from though.
12:57 Bruce Schulman Jr. The individual or organization orchestrating this is clearly in a hurry to wrap things up. The reports I've read show that the memory loss events are occurring almost 85 percent more frequently than they originally did. There's an exponential increase.
12:58 Amos Marshall I know you want to make some sales but wait until the public finds out on their own
12:58 Amos Marshall once that happens we will step in.
12:58 Amos Marshall I know how much work you put into this device's development. You will see the increase in demand you deserve. Just give it time.
12:58 Amos Marshall Once the events reach a critical point of frequency, the internet will reflect it. Once the net is exploding with people from affected locations showing the world what they've forgotten, we'll swoop in with online sales and save the day
12:59 Bruce Schulman Jr. Okay. But we have to do this before the Foundation does it.
12:59 Amos Marshall you expect the Foundation to manufacture your device and use it to their advantage
12:59 Bruce Schulman Jr. Fully.
13:00 Amos Marshall while it is wise of you to expect a threat from them after all that we have seen of their scientific and technological capabilities, I think you may be overestimating them in this case
13:01 Amos Marshall they are not in the business of helping people remember
13:01 Amos Marshall they are in the business of making people forget
13:01 Amos Marshall always have been
13:01 Bruce Schulman Jr. I don't think they're going to use mnestic devices on the public. I think they're going to arm their own employees with mnestic devices, let the memory wipe events get more and more frequent until a map of them shows the world covered, and then build humanity back exactly the way they want them, only bringing back the memories of the parts of the world they find convenient and nothing else.
13:02 Amos Marshall I will relay your concerns to the appropriate parties
13:02 Bruce Schulman Jr. If they develop the capacity to erase and construct memories, they'll go public. They won't have a reason not to. They'll create a new rendition of humanity programmed to be unquestioningly compliant with their enforcement of normality. Not only will we be forcibly shut down, the world as we know it will have ceased to exist.
13:02 Amos Marshall slow down, the world is not going to end
13:02 Amos Marshall this is preventable if you investigate the origin and take advantage of your device's popularity when it spikes
13:03 Amos Marshall which will be soon. Clearly.
13:03 Amos Marshall in the meantime if you want to look further into the origin of these events, I would consider it beneficial to the company
13:03 Amos Marshall I have high hopes for your sales future despite these slow few years
13:04 Amos Marshall we are approaching the precipice of your device's perceived usefulness and all demographics across the board will find it necessary to purchase
13:04 Amos Marshall let the information security department deal with the Foundation.
13:04 Bruce Schulman Jr. As you wish.
13:04 Bruce Schulman Jr. If you need anything else from me, let me know. I'll start assembling the information I've found.
13:05 Amos Marshall okay thank you for the information, I will relay it to the others and we will discuss internally
13:05 Bruce Schulman Jr. Alright.
13:05 Bruce Schulman Jr. DISCONNECTED
Log end.

Situation Report 01-LETHE
I am composing this attachment to disclose and deconstruct the source of an anomalous phenomenon which is on the precipice of offering my branch the best business opportunity it has ever seen. A series of events, being referred to in Foundation documentation as LETHE EVENTS, is slowly overtaking the world and causing humanity to collectively forget — in small batches limited to cities and counties and states — pieces of human knowledge.

So far it looks random, but the Foundation is having a more and more difficult time hiding how the Internet reacts to these events. People failing to recognize very familiar things and then posting pictures of them with panicked captions on social media is quickly becoming common, and even the skippers are having a difficult time covering up the occurrences at this point. These events are striking within very specific geopolitical boundaries, to a degree that makes the events appear almost automated, as if someone is choosing to target one city exactly within limits, or one state exactly within borders.

A few weeks ago, Foundation operatives raided one of our greater eastern branch's warehouses down in coastal NC. Took seven of the devices, as well as a shipment of antique books I was looking forward to perusing. In the pandemonium, mnestic compounds contaminated them. They're probably worthless now, the philistines. They already had one of the devices from an undercover sale, but the fact that they found it necessary to take even more of them can't mean anything good. I've communicated explicitly to Marshall my concern regarding the reverse-engineering that is bound to be taking place within Site-42 right now; I have no doubt that the Foundation intends to take my technology and use it to turn human subjects into obedient drones with no capacity for personal identity or memory. Of course, they're not low enough to do something that extreme to all of humanity, but they'll use the worst version of whatever they create on their test subjects and then use a dulled-down version to make the public compliant after these waves of Lethe Events wipe out most of collective human memory piece-by-piece.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Memo 48
Sender Amos Marshall Recipient Lucas Monaco
It has come to my attention that the merchandise has once again failed to be included in our catalogs. How do you expect to be able to sell the product if no one is given any knowledge about it? The most recent situation report means we may be seeing a huge breakthrough in sales for this product, and we need to be properly positioned to take advantage of the opportunity. I expect a full report from marketing regarding this situation by tomorrow. Do not screw this up for us.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Situation Report 02-LETHE
I am thankful I had the forethought to program my device for the techniques in the German book. I continue to remember the material well enough to continue my neural harvest. It's ironic that the mnestic compounds can be synthesized from cerebral matter that has been all but forgotten. It appears the postorbital lobe was one of the first casualties of these LETHE EVENTS, but that only means it can be extracted from the populace and people don't notice. Furthermore, since the body's immune system doesn't cross into the brain, the lobes can all be linked into a single organism.

Neurons express so many different compounds, it's child's play to harvest whatever MC&D needs from this source. In addition to the mnestic devices, we can use the organism's products for osteotronic cubes. I am positive there will be future products we can extract, with everything safely stored at a secure extradimensional location.

The organism is proving to be the perfect cash cow. I'm assuaged that it's not like there's any personality to be concerned with, either. There's not enough of any one person present for it to be anybody.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Memo 49
Sender Lucas Monaco Recipient Amos Marshall
There is no record of this product in our systems. Wasn't this removed from our catalog long ago? No one here knows what this product is. In the meantime, we still need to make space for some new products in our Wilmington warehouse. Bruce says that he has a new source of neural matter for the osteocubes. There's extra biochemical and electronic components we could break down and recycle into more product.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Memo 50
Sender Amos Marshall Recipient Lucas Monaco
Go for it. Support the big seller. Excellent work.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
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