Scars On Cold Metal.
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Startling sounds.
Ridged scratches.
Running. Singular. A group.
All panicked.
It matters not anymore.

A lone doctor.
Empty hallways.
A loud piercing screech.
Gasp of breath.
Now silence looms.

Cold metal.
Painted red.
Friends. It was a painting done by friends.

Gone. All of them.
A lone doctor.
Sounds of thunder.
Devoid of lightning.

Them no longer.
No matter anymore.
Scars on cold metal.
Painted Red.

A distant screech.
A quick chase.
Scars. It left behind scars.
His chances were the same

A lone doctor.
Trembles no longer.
Instead he assist his friends.
With their painting.
Red. Now adding crimson.
To the cold metal.

Other enter.
Unique Foxes.
A total of Nine.
Witnesses to the twisted scars.
Abandoned for all to see.
On cold metal.

The Foxes move.
Yet silence still looms.
A faster pace.

A distant screech.
It smells the Foxes.
Leaving behind it’s scars.
It makes the cold metal warped.

The Foxes halt.
Witnesses to a painting.
A once harsh red.
Now a still crimson.
It boils the Foxes veins.

Smelling Foxes.
It moves.
A sweltry meal to be had.
Thunderous booms echo.
More scars to be left.
On the cold metal.

The Foxes growl.
They bare their teeth.
There was never a calm.
Not for this storm.

Foxes strike.
No mercy shown.
Thunderous echos.
Down the empty hallways.

It leaves no more scars.
Instead it lays painting.
All that is left is red.

Been dragged away.
Left to lay.
Placed within cold Metal.
It leaves scars no more
Instead it just creates red.

Was found written on the back of Mobile Task Force Cadet Samuel East’s Incident report card.

Incident report

Location: Site-17

Figures involved: SCP-███, Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox"). General Staff.

Incident Type: Containment Breach : On 5/17/2018 SCP-███ breached it containment cells for ██ minutes. Which resulted in 28 staff casualties and 9 fatality.

Notes: After arriving to the scene, Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 was able to recontain SCP-███ without suffering any additional staff casualties.

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