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We here at S&C are proud to announce that we will be expanding our product line beyond plastics and plastic products. We are boldly going where no plastic makers have gone before. That's right! We're making paper and paper products!

You and your family have come to rely on our quality brand's products in plastics, and we hope you allow the same for our paper as well. When you buy S&C brand paper, you know are getting something made by hand and with love, from the folks right here in Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin!

Feel free to give us a call or send us a letter for promotional information. No matter your paper needs, S&C has got you stocked, covered, and prepared!

Learn about S&C Paper!

  • Made from 100% biodegradable materials.
  • All pulps and chemicals are locally sourced.
  • Crafted by hand with love and care.
  • Perfect for any occasion.
  • Guaranteed to work.

Address: S&C Products
1 Industrial Road
Sloth's Pit, WI
email: pcs.stcudorpcs|ecivresremotsuc#pcs.stcudorpcs|ecivresremotsuc

"Why paper?" Sevens groaned, unloading a bag of pulp into the processor. She held the sack steady, watching as the fibrous material poured out and into the machine she was feeding.

"Well, the Foundation has to get its paper from somewhere. I assume it would be cheaper to make it in-house than to order it all the time." Evelyn responded, bringing forward her own sack of pulp to pour.

"I'm just saying, we were making plastic just last week. Why the hell are we suddenly making paper? What about all those contracts that we still need to fulfill?"

"We'll get to 'em, Sevens."

"How? I don't know how you and Pickman remodeled this whole place while I was out over the weekend, but I can't imagine it was easy or cheap."

"Oh, we used that anomaly that transforms industrial machines into other industrial equipment. We fiddled around for a while with it before getting it right, but here we are."

"We have one of those?"


"… Huh. Gotta say, this paper pulp smell kinda makes me miss the smell of tar."

"We'll be back to plastic next week, but we need to get Site-19's order done A-S-A-P."

The two went back to the stack of pulp bags lined against the wall, grabbed one each, and returned to the mouth of the contraption they were working at. Each of the women opened up the mouths of their sacks and let loose the stenchy, fibrous pulp into the maw of the machine.

"So… an anomaly that turns machines into other industrial machines, huh?"


"Oooh, interesting. Who made it, the Factory? It sounds like something they would use."

"Can't tell you. Classified."

"Fine. You're no fun, Evelyn."

After sitting in silence for a few minutes, they once more walked to and fro with new bags to dump into the processor.

"Do you know if we have an anomaly that creates paper?"


"As in you don't know, or…?"

"We do not possess or know of an anomaly which creates infinite paper."

Silence fell upon them once more. Just as the bags were starting to empty, Sevens turned to Evelyn and raised an eyebrow.

"… so what you're telling me is the Foundation has an anomaly that can change a cotton mill to a hydraulic press on a whim, but not one that just creates paper?"


"That's stupid."



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