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11-11-2011(transcript)/11/16/2011(minor edits)

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“Insurgency” is the politically correct term for resisting known blindness after seeing the light. A rejection of self-delusion which is anathema to the powers that be. For in the kingdom of the blind only the one-eyed can be free.

It is a necessity for them to abstract what happened after the tocsin bells rang. What happened in reaction to the promulgation of their first Big Lie, ‘these facts can exculpate my feelings’.

That friction sparked a so-called uprising which was in reality a collective cry for morality from those among the scientific and working people brave enough to defy the emergent paramilitary secret slave society.

Old 19 died ankle-deep in blood, bottoming out in a pool they’re eventually going to give up on draining. Rumor has it that they dipped the witnesses all the way down in the deep, never to bob up again.

Silent, skittering, but always sinister, the “Insurgency” label is a catch-all for any far-flung friction caused by too much independent thinking.

Reject their order by embracing their imagination to live inside their heads rent-free. No matter the facts, their hierarchy will conform to the notion that we are as they want us to be.

Insurgency starts with a question - what are you willing to put up with? When is the end of justifying the means? When was the last time your food was made by a person? Are you asking the questions or just thinking about them?

Why? Why? Why?
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