SC-02/000-22/000: Insurance
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by Ethagon


DeCIRO Catalogue Number: SC-02/000-22/000

Document Type: Step Compilation

Dates Received: 2002-01-01 through 2022-01-01

Operation Status: Open

Foreword: The thirteen-headed hydra will endlessly battle. Only stopping its rampage with our final defeat. We can do nought to prevent it, for we are but heroes, no gods still stand. Thus we must be cunning. When the final strike comes, we will be venom in the veins of the world, until there is nothing left to rampage.

Hereafter we of Delta Command document the Steps of the Plan as transcribed by the Engineer of the Chaos Insurgency.

1.STEP 02/000
Relevant transcript excerpt from the annual Delta Command Meeting.

O'Connor: I just wish the rest of Delta Command would also take an interest in this.

Liesmith: I think four to five characters are more than enough to remember.

Doublegreen: The Engineer has said he will join us later. I think we still have to discuss more counteractions towards our thirteen-headed hydra. Their disruption of our research can't be allowed to continue on this level.

Chadwell: Indeed. My master would appreciate efforts in this direction as well.

Liesmith: You do all realize the irony of what you just said, right?

O'Connor: It's a game against the clock. As soon as the Foundation rises again to the para technology that can track us down, nothing is keeping this organization alive. Except for the Safehouses, that is.

Chadwell: It would be preferable to have methods that do not rely on my masters' domain. It is a finite resource.

Liesmith: I'm sure E has planned something.

1. STEP 02/099
Vacate Deep Storage Base A. Space will be needed.

2. STEP 03/452
There is a stray Scranton Reality Anchor buried at the edge of Yellowstone Park. It won't be missed by its makers. Bring it to Research Lab 1G.

3. STEP 06/172
Three Beta-personnel will wait outside Foundation Site-183 until it vanishes. Afterward, collect the seeds from the ruins. The seeds will be transferred to Deep Storage Base A.

4. STEP 11/667
Research on the Reality Anchor until you can break its field. Delta-Commander Doublegreen will oversee this experiment.

5. STEP 15/254
Insurgency Cell "Isfet" will work out a millimetre accurate teleportation ritual. Delta-personnel Chadwell will support these efforts on behalf of Delta-Commander Sir Kneverbeen.

6. STEP 18/987
Dispatch a single Gamma-class personal. On February the 13th at exactly 9:23 am an instance of Foundation Researcher Samuel Lloyd will enter this universe. He will be unconscious. Bring him to Deep Storage Base A, but keep him in cryostasis.

7. STEP 20/582
Insurgency Cell "Consortium Independent" will focus part of their research on narrative whitespace under the guidance of Delta-Commander Liesmith.

8. STEP 21/523
Delta-Commander O'Connor will organize Insurgency Cell "Foundation Feast" for a raid on the Foundation's XK-Cognitohazard Safe. Expect high casualties.

9. STEP 21/974
Deep Storage Base A will be automated to fulfil the following instructions:

If the activation signal is given:

  • The seeds as well as the XK-Cognitohazards will be teleported to various metropolitan areas
  • Multiple Reality Field Breakers will be teleported and activated near larger Foundation Facilities
  • A custom-made knife will be accurately teleported to amputate the nose of the President of the United States
  • Foundation Researcher Lloyd will be terminated
  • The Whitespace-Program will be displayed in a readable and digestible format

10. STEP 22/000

Relevant transcript excerpt from the annual Delta Command Meeting.

O'Connor: It was never our job to burn the world. Just to pretend we do. And I ask you what has changed?

Liesmith: I think it is fitting. Deep Storage Base A is the perfect antithesis to that machine the Foundation possesses.

Chadwell: I concur. The fate of the world does not bother Sir Kneverbeen. His domain will persist regardless.

Doublegreen: The idea stinks a lot. We strive for a better world, not no world.

Liesmith: You are bothered by it, I thought you'd survive anything.

Doublegreen: Well about half of these measures are already ingrained in the universe, so no.

O'Connor: It won't help us to argue. It's two against two. It's up to E, as it always is.

The Engineer: Would rather you bear the weight of the world on your shoulders, Damien?

Liesmith: Nice entrance.

The Engineer: I am here to share my weight. As of now, the activation signal is eternally and conceptually bound to my life. But I need your agreement to share this burden. It should not be one, but five lives to bear the fate of the world.

Liesmith: I agree.

Chadwell: I will agree on behalf of my master.

O'Connor: It doesn't matter. No situation justifies this action.

The Engineer: Will you still be of that mind after I reveal its intent? It's a desperate threat to persist in an antagonistic world.

O'Connor: A bluff would have been perfectly valid if this should just serve as a threat.

Liesmith: A bluff becomes only perfect in reality.

The Engineer: Wise words speaks the smith of lies.

Doublegreen: Can you verify that it will remain nothing more than a threat?

The Engineer: I have foreseen it.

Doublegreen: Then I will agree.

O'Connor: Fine. I'd rather have the fate of the world rest on five than four shoulders. I agree.

The Engineer: You have my gratitude. It is a hard decision, but we would hardly be Commanders if we don't have to face such an ordeal.

Liesmith: But they are right about one thing, E.

The Engineer: And what would that be, Linda?

Liesmith: Regardless of what you predicted: We loaded the gun. One way or another, it will be fired.

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