Saving Sigurrós Potter
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Harry and Dumbledore strode through the front doors of the evil foundation, having bown them of there henges and look at Doctor Blight, the evil wizard responsible for the imprison ran by Muggles of the American wizards.

Doctor Bright cursed when he saw the power of Harry and Dumbledore, drawing his wand from a place he hid it and firing a spell at them. “AVADA KEDAVARA!”

Harry deflected the spell with ease, looking a Dumbledore with a smirk. “He’s noting Albus. Can you handle this?”

“Im not so sure, Harry. Hes a powerful necromancr!”

“Bullshit” said Harry, disenchanting the horcrux around doctor Bright’s neck!

“NOOOOOOOO!!!!!” he yelled as his body dusted onto the floor.

“Fuck yeah!” said Dumbledore, patting harry of the back. “Your good at this!”

Then harry went down the hall and pulled the tubes out of his sister’s arms/

“Im here to resuce!” he said, looking he her awakening body.

“Harry, my brother, I missd you soooo much since mom and dad kepy me from aging and hid me here to save me!”

“Its cool,” said Harry. “Were togeher!”

Then harry and sigurrus and dumbledore (who’s NOT GAY) went back home, and harry fucked Ginny stupid.

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