Savin' Me
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What’s my name?
I’ve almost forgotten…
That sickening number,
That god awful number.
Just use my name.
Say my name…

What’s my name?
I’m not an experiment,
Or something dangerous to be locked up
And kept away.
I’m me!

What’s in a name?
Letters that make a sound?
The clawing of our personalities?
The holding of our bodies
In a place we were never meant to be?
Then what’s in a number?

It’s been too long.
Memories are hazy,
And yet I still know.
I have to, I need to!

What’s my name?
I gave it to myself,
I think.
I could give myself another,
But it wouldn’t be right.
It wouldn’t be mine.

But who are we,
If not our name?
Who are we,
Left as a few pixels,
Maybe letters or numbers,
On a screen?

Who are we?
When locked away,
Held against our will,
Known as anything but human.
To be sealed away and never seen.
Yet to be heard and yet to live.

Taken as children
From our family.
Kept to the shadows,
Never to know ourselves or our world.
Never remembered beyond a face,
And never our name.

Who are we?
Beyond a number on a sheet of paper,
The “unique” abilities given to us
To change the world.
To change the future.
To help those around us.

Say my name.
Not the designation they gave me.
Not any type they may reference.
Not any of the things they call me.
I remember now.
So say my name.

Say my name!

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