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How to write a 914 test log:

Guidelines for future entries can be found here. The FAQ is located at the bottom of this page.

All test logs should be written in the following form. Please include your researcher's name on all records, along with the date formatted in European standard and a list of the total number of items "refined."

**Date:** DD/MM/YYYY
**Total Items:**


If you want to add a note to a log that has already been ported over, copy the number of the test log and the output/note before it into the following template:

**Suggested note for Test-XXXX**
[Section before suggested note]
[Your note]

How this sandbox works:

  • LeveritasLeveritas (me) will regularly check this page, selecting logs that are of sufficient quality to add to the log and port them over.
  • Tests that fail to adhere to the proper format (date, etc.) will not be ported until fixed.
  • Ownership of content posted to the 914 log is retained by log curators as stewards over any content therein. As such, any authors contributing to the logs cede any future claims to said content to the collaboration log curator.

Regarding 914's rules and guidelines:

SCP-914 does not create or destroy matter, nor does it change anything on the atomic level. All outputs should contain all and only the matter included in the input. Some grandfathered entries break this rule, but new entries should never do so. We call this Conservation of Mass.

Do note that in case you intent to break a guideline other than CoM, your test has to make up for it in quality.

Regarding in-universe names:

It is generally seen as bad form to use other writers' characters without asking. Of course, the rules of the wiki do not prohibit this, but asking beforehand will never hurt anyone.

If you're not comfortable with your in-universe name being used, politely request a change or come to me about it.

Regarding professionalism in the logs

Some of you might have noticed that I'm being harsher on notes and logs that I deem too LOLFoundation. To illustrate my point, I'm going to use an example from Part IV:

I actually edited the note. This is what it originally was:

This is a very small difference, but it makes a world of difference in tone. The first entry works a lot better because it's not a researcher scolding the machine outright as a kid would. It's implying (read, show don't tell) that the researcher became so fed up with the result that he outright left. Wacky entries work well if it's against the cold professionalism that signifies the Foundation, and it doesn't work if it looks like the employees are acting just as unprofessional. Notes that enforce such excessive or LOLFoundation behaviour will be removed.

Other things:

  • No more introduction notes. 914 is supposed to be unpredictable, and there’s only so many times it can turn handwriting into different handwriting or a drawing before you start predicting it.
  • Don't link outside of SCP wiki pages (crosslinks to other SCPs/Tales/GoI formats are ok). The reason for this are in-universe and out-of universe for different reasons:
    • In-universe, it's not professional conduct to link to anything outside Foundation intranet if that's not part of your job. On top of that, anyone can edit something like Wikipedia, and the Foundation would not rely on it as an reliable information source.
    • Out-of-universe, it's immersion breaking. Please write a short description of the concept instead. This way, it doesn't require the reader to read a Wikipedia article where a short description would have done the job.

Part XIX is up and running! Find your tests here.

Conversation about Experiment Log 914 and help for your entries can be found at the 914 Discord Server. This is also a place to point out issues in the logs and brainstorm for ideas.

Notes to Mod

For when there are issues with the logs.

New Entries

Please put a separator between each test.

Name: Dr. E. A. Nim
Date: 29/06/2022
Total Items: Three pieces of standard printing paper, each with the word "Extrodinarry" handwritten on them with normal black ink. Spelling mistake intentional.

Input: One note.
Setting: Fine.
Output: One piece of paper with the word "Extrodinarry" printed on it in gold ink. Paper was of a significantly higher quality than the input; the chemical makeup of the ink matched with commercially available gold inks.

Input: One note.
Setting: Fine.
Output: An origami swan made of normal grade printing paper set in a small puddle of water apparently equivalent in mass to the amount of ink on the input note.

Input: One note.
Setting: Very Fine.
Output: An unidentified odorless white gas, which blew into the face of Dr. Nim. Dr. Nim reported symptoms of dyslexia for ten minutes following inhaling the gas. Exposure seems to have had no long-term effects.

Note: We should definitely make PPE gear a requirement for all experiments. I find it interesting that 914 only seemed to affect the materials of the input, and not the contents, even though we've seen it seems to have an understanding of concepts and ideas. - Dr. Nim

Extraordinary misspelled on purpose? If yes, why? - Mod

It is on purpose, it says so in the Total Items section. The idea was to test SCP-914's understanding/response to the meaning of the writing and if it would correct it on the 'fine'/'very fine' settings.

  • Standard printing paper can be ANSI Letter or DIN A4 or whatever other standard you adhere to. Please specify that.
  • Instead of appending half a sentence to the Total Items section, write "[sic]" after Extrodinarry (inside of the quotation marks). That also allows you to remove the periods from this section.
  • Thank you for explaining the reason behind the input, however, this information would fit better into the log rather than an OOC note.
  • Remove the periods from the Input and Setting sections.
  • Commercially available gold inks contain pyrite. This was not inserted and therefore breaks CoM.
  • Second test: On one side, dried ink contains no water. On the other, where would the rest of the ink have gone to, even if it would contain water? CoM again.
  • Noticing symptoms of dyslexia and recognising them as such within 10 minutes is a bit unrealistic, given that the most apparent manifestations are having problems with speaking and reading. Of course, due to the nature of 914 and the test, it is logical to hypothesise that, but the gas could just have befuddled their mind a bit.
  • PPE gear is a standard when testing, as well as using D-Class to retrieve the outputs. If your researcher inhaled the gas, they certainly did not follow protocol.

I - personally - have my issues with inputting notes, since we had so many already and you can only do so much with them, but you did write out a new idea. If you fix the above it should be fine. - Nitsche

Name: Jr. Researcher Daker
Date: 01/07/2022
Total Items: Five copies of a photograph depicting a D-Class personnel in wedding attire. The caption reads "O5-6, in his wedding suit."

Input: One copy of the photograph
Setting: 1:1
Output: A photograph of an unknown individual in Hawaiian clothes, with the caption "Dr. Veritas, on vacation."

Input: One copy of the photograph
Setting: 1:1
Output: A photograph of O5-6 in standard D-Class attire, with the caption "A D-Class, wearing the skin of O5-6"

Input: One copy of the photograph
Setting: Fine
Output: A technical paper detailing how the photograph was taken, with the font size too small to be seen without assistance from a microscope.

Input: One copy of the photograph
Setting: Fine
Output: A cognitohazardous photograph, which depicts the D-Class in different clothing each time it is viewed. The caption reads "O5-6 has never looked better."

Input: One copy of the photograph
Setting: Very Fine
Output: A memetic agent which, when viewed for at least 3 minutes, convinces the viewer that the O5 council does not exist. The output has been incinerated, and Jr. Researcher Daker has been administered amnestics.

In general, the ideas behind each output of the log work. The second Fine and the VF tests do need a bit of tweaking, but before I touch that I have to ask: Why? What kind of researcher would dress up a D-Class, shoot a photo, write the ID of one of their bosses under it, and insert it into 914 five times for which reason? - Nitsche

A reasearcher who doesn't have the clearance or authority to use an actual photo of their boss, and whom has access to an expendable range of people and clothing options. Also, a researcher who is not as skilled in what is or is not allowed at the foundation as other researchers might me - Jake

Name: Intern Stephen McNamara
Date: 01/07/2022
Total Items: One battery-powered smoke detector

Input: One smoke detector
Setting: Very Fine
Output: One visually unchanged smoke detector. As soon as the chamber opened, it began to sound despite there being no smoke. Disassembly and testing showed that the object now emits noise in the presence of any gaseous compound, up to and including SATP atmosphere. Object has been disassembled and incinerated.

Name: Researcher Dr. Marcus Ericsson
Date: 07/07/2022
Total Items: Three sheets of printer paper and an assortment of colored inks

Input: One sheet of printer paper and an assortment of colored inks
Setting: Fine
Output: One picture of SCP-026 circa: {REDACTED}

Input: One sheet of printer paper and an assortment of colored inks
Setting: Fine
Output: One picture of an older Dr. Ericsson will his wife and two children.

Input: One sheet of printer paper and an assortment of colored inks
Setting: Fine
Output: One picture of Dr. Ericsson after waking up in a foundation hospital facility.

Addendum:Dr. Ericsson left the testing chamber looking visually disturbed by what was produced in the experiment. He has been deferred to a Foundation psychiatrist and has taken a leave of absence from researching 914. Ink containers were found empty next to the produced output.

If your test log submission has been removed and you cannot find it in Experiment Log 914, the "Added logs" or "Denied logs" collapsibles, do PM us at bonbonekabonboneka and NitscheNitsche immediately and we will retrieve it for you.

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