Research Assistant Corbette's Personnel File
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Name: Research Assistant Salman "Fish Car" Corbette1

Security Clearance: 2

Occupation: Does all the Bitch Work Assistant Researcher Bitch Worker RESEARCHER!!! Deceased

Current Location: Office set to be built under Site-19 expansion

History: Originally recruited from ██████████ University following reports of unusual modifications to vehicles, electronic devices, and candies2. Although recruited with the intent of placement in engineering, Research Assistant Corbette expressed extreme disinterest, stating "It ain't fun anymore". Relocated to Site-19 and placed into research staff.

Salman Corbette experienced cardiac arrest and died on June 12, 2014, the same day as his promotion to researcher. His work is continued by Dr. Roget.

SCPs Documented:

SCP-022 - Rambling Rock
SCP-909 - Mr. Forgetful (With assistance from Dr. Bridge)
SCP-905 - Mr. Chameleon (With assistance from Dr. Bridge)
SCP-913 - Mr. Hungry (With assistance from Dr. Bridge)
SCP-532 - Frost Bug
SCP-920 - Mr. Lost
SCP-491 - Wrecking Light
SCP-534 - Misplaced Blood
SCP-1051 - Nevadan Extraterrestrial
SCP-969 - █████ Brand Mosquito Repellent
SCP-851 - Lullabugs
SCP-1887 - Quantum Mechanics
SCP-1515 - Wallaby Wannabes (In collaboration with Dr. Mayreder)
SCP-1545 - Larry the Loving Llama
SCP-1642 - Dr. Wondertainment®'s Insta-teen Tablets™
SCP-1839 - Reproductive Methods of Bony Fish
SCP-1763 - Found Space Theatre
SCP-1292 - Contagious Scantron Disease
SCP-1486 - "Benny"

SCP-1914-J - Silencing Piano
SCP-1000-J - Old Wive's Town
SCP-727-J - Malevolent Celestial Object
SCP-682-J - THE BESTEST LIZERD EVER (In collaboration with Dr. Mayreder)
SCP-808-J - The Lost Treasure of Captain Blue's Island
SCP-2000-J - Dunky the Funky Werecat 2000: Werecat Strikes Back (In collaboration with Tanhony)
SCP-123-J - Amazing Butter-like Substance
SCP-1234-J - An SCP
SCP-031-J - Evening of Terrors
SCP-111-J - An Innocent Suburban Household
SCP-789-J - the butt ghost!!
SCP-078-J - Cooties
SCP-5972-J - Kirby Company Vacuum Cleaner
SCP-1922-J - Pathetic System of American Pigs
SCP-999-J - Creepy Speedo Guy (With NamedAfterColour and Mr. Wilt)
SCP-329-J - The Ghooooost Siiiiiign
SCP-1201-J - That One Movie

SCP-K9-J-EX - The Haunted House

SCP-711-EX - Man from the Future Present

Documents Filed by Research Assistant Corbette:

Snuggle, Cuddle, and Protect: The Mean Dragon
Proposal 682-356
A Few Memos - A few memos from the inbox of President Mortimer Phillips
Rex Sponge's Revealing Revelations - There is no canon
Gears's Birthday Special: Unpalatable
Jargon - What it says on the tin
Recording Stuff or Whatever - An orientation
A.S.S. and Other Low-threat Groups of Interest - The less-than-successful GOIs
Reptilius - On the Philosophy of Man-eating Reptiles
Where They All Go - Did you wave goodbye?
The Completely Canonical Story of James, Age 8 - An April fools joke you'll NEVER SEE COMING unless you scroll down
The Doc Block - Sometimes two beings are just made for each other
We Interrupt this Program - Introducing the amazing Shelf-and-a-half!
Total Recall - When the Foundation fails to spring into action
Cleaning Larry - Ew
An Excerpt from Goodbye Ghost - Butt Why?

I WILL FIND WHOEVER FORGED AUDIO LOG 185-53 - Research Assistant Corbette

Other Projects:

Compiler of The Tales of Mr. Collector, as well as author of:

- 4. Mr. Lie
- Interval 1
- Interval 2
- End

Research Assistant Corbette's archived projects

Research Asssistant Corbette's current projects

Documents designated to Research Assistant Corbette by Mr. Wilt Antwerp:



  • SCP-323 - Wendigo Skull
  • SCP-392 - The Quark Degenerator (In Need Of New Rewrite)


Okay guys, let's get it straight. It's Salman Corbette. Not Salmon Corvette. Not Salam Courgette. And it's not goddamn Sodium Bicarbonate. - Research Assistant Corbette

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