Ruiz Charges A Blast Of Ki (Part One)

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Ruiz moved his left leg into a firm position behind him to ready his balance, his muscles contracting and expanding to facilitate the movement he required. There was no turning back now as he had just put in place the first of many events that would cause pure destruction on his foe. There he stood with his left leg in a readied stance behind him as he started to move his right leg into position as well. It seemed to move all on its own as if the mere thought of moving it told it all it needed to know. There was a sudden thud as his right foot landed on the ground with as much force as is usual of a foot hitting the ground when getting into a position to send out a regular size blast of Ki.

It was now the moment he had been waiting for. The moment he would lean his torso forward to heighten the usefulness of the stance his legs had taken just moments before. His ribs and spine bent over in what could only be described as the normal amount for someone readying their stance for a Ki blast. He was glad he had not eaten yet that day as if he had, his stomach would not have allowed him to bend his torso as well as it did when it was not full with all manner of foods.

There was a sudden springing to life in his right arm as it was swung up, the elbow straightening the joint to allow his arm to reach as far in front of him as it could. Although he made sure not to straighten it all the way, as he was still planning on bringing his left arm up in front of his right. He then bent his wrist and flattened his palm as to have strong support for his left hand.

His left arm was then brought up in much the same manner as his right, with the small exception that he did in fact stretch it all the way out as far as it could reach. He then settled the back of his left hand into his right curling the fingers to create a cup from which a powerful blast will soon (but not that soon (like seriously, it’s gonna be a couple more chapters)) burst forth.

His mouth bellowed the loudest scream he could muster. So loud it would burst your eardrums the moment you heard it. If this were a TV show, this would be the moment it would cut to an establishing shot of a flock of birds starting to fly away because of the level of sound. Even though it was an extremely low-pitched scream, it was still loud enough that it broke every pane of glass within a hundred-kilometer radius.

His hair stood straight up and crackled with power as his eyebrows furrowed so deep you could barely see anything of eyes whatsoever. It was at that moment he knew, he was in a prime position to start charging.

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