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The following file is classified Clearance Level 001/1.

All Foundation personnel are permitted and encouraged to read this document.

Welcome, O5-13.

1/001 LEVEL 1/001
Item #: SCP-001




Administrator Franz Williams, circa 1891.

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: All personnel are permitted to put in a request to their local Human Resources officer if they would like to visit Site-01. Visits are generally limited to one per 4 years, in order to avoid large amounts of damage to the property. The Site itself is maintained by the Office of the Administrator, and any concerns with the physical building or grounds should be directed there.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-001 refers to a collection of 13 anomalous areas present within Site-01. These anomalous areas vary in size and effect, and are scattered throughout the ground of the site. A full list of SCP-001 instances is attached below.

Site-01 is a mansion in rural Virginia constructed between 1764 and 1766 by Duke Franz C. Williams, an Austrian noble who would later become the founder and current Administrator of the Foundation. Williams' emigration from Europe was incited by the Seven Years' War, later regarded as the First Occult War. Documents relate that he arrived in the New World in a private party of twelve, purchasing the land for the mansion ahead of time. The party that arrived would become the first Overseers of the Foundation that they formed, though the organization as it is today would not take shape until the late 19th century during the American Civil War.

It became customary for new Overseers to make their own additions to the mansion as they were inducted, modifying and changing rooms to suit their needs, often with anomalous effects. Due to the secrecy associated with the former O5 Council, access to the Site itself was severely restricted until very recently.




Description: SCP-001-01 is the Bridge Archive, an underground storage area below Site-01 that holds approximately 2,000 historical artifacts from the early 18th century to the late 21st. While a few artifacts are anomalous in and of themselves, the vast majority are not. However, handling an object of historical value within SCP-001-01 subjects the handler to a sudden burst of visions, typically associated with the object's historical context. A plurality of SCP-001-01's artifacts originate from various European wars. Examples:

Item: A Spanish naval cannon, inlaid with beryllium-bronze insets.

Vision: A single galleon flying the Spanish flag approaches a larger English man-o-war and its escorts on a clear, crystal blue sea, possibly that of the Caribbean. The man-o-war turns to face the Spanish galleon, readying its cannons. The cannon, unusually placed at the bow of the ship, is loaded with something and fired - the single cannonball collides with the hull of the man-o-war. Several seconds later, a number of massive tentacles that dwarf both ships rise from the depths. A gigantic eye is visible below the water. The tentacles wrap and crush the man-o-war while the escorts rapidly retreat. No damage is caused to the Spanish galleon.

Item: A French cavalry sword, inscribed with the insignia of estate Noir.

Vision: A view of a battlefield in France. French troops huddle in a trench, a distant screaming overhead. The sky is golden. For a moment, the screaming stops, and a roar swells through the French line as they rush out of the trench. At the other end of no man's land, a swirling sphere of wings and music screams again. The scene cuts to after the battle - no man's land is littered with corpses, and O5-1 stands on the fallen body of the angel, pulling the cavalry sword from it and wiping the golden blood on his shirt.

Attached File:


Adiyat has fallen. Samothrace is lost. The occupiers will no doubt slaughter the survivors when they enter the city. We had the means to stop it. I didn't.
Everything is worse now.

- D.B

Administrator's Note — 1:

Django was a good man. I met him just after World War I. He had been one of the experts on the paranormal so many of the governments had enlisted for the war effort. The pay was good, he was given free reign to experiment and test how he wanted. Then he realized all his work was just being used to kill more young men. He quit and worked as a free agent for some time, drifting through France, Denmark, Scotland, landing in Spain.

The paranormal communities back then were tiny compared to what they are now; we knew each other by reputation and we became fast friends. The idea of an organization free from the political squabbles of the time was immensely attractive to him, and I brought him on as an administrative consultant. Nine years later, he took the recently opened position of Overseer Alpha - eventually changed to O5-1.

He was obsessed with history since the day I met him. He had a collection of artifacts from various European wars in his family castle. Some were anomalous, most weren't. That collection became the basis for the one under Site-01 today. He was also dead-set in his belief that the Foundation should never be involved in the political machinations of nation-states, even as they transitioned from kings and czars to presidents and prime ministers. He was the reason we found ourselves painfully neutral during the Cold War. He was the reason we took no action during Samothrace. Men died, but he was firm - more men would die if we intervened.

We could never stay neutral forever. The Insurgency Crisis proved that. My oldest friend died as he lived; immersed in our history trying to decipher our future. I never filled his seat. I think that was the beginning of the end.

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