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Has been described as "eldritch tentacles chasing a ball".

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Yay! Apparently I have collected enough page to warrant an Author Page!

I'm Rigen. Well I pretty much only used that nick here, elsewhere you might find me by the name "riyangendut" which is kinda lame and unwieldy, hence I shorten it into Rigen—RIyan GENdut. As you can see by my ownership of this page, I'm an author for a few articles, the bare minimum of owning an author page.

See also: that page where I pretend to be an artist

My first article was SCP-3056, a virus that makes you sneeze fire. It's a basic X that does Y thing, and I over-detailed it with technobable, basically. Nothing interesting.

Yeah I'm just an all-around boring guy leave me alone >_<
Will update if I post new article.
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