Your First Support Assignment
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From: Frank <pcs.9ohr|knarf#pcs.9ohr|knarf>
To: Kendal Shipley <pcs.9ohr|yelpihsk#pcs.9ohr|yelpihsk>
Subject: technical support assignment
Its time you actually do some work around here. We need you to take a look at foundation-92911; the password should be "4bs@l64o$LMVA!6F". Just take a look around and see if you can find any important data. Good luck.

From: Site Director H. Lemmond <pcs.75|dnommelh#pcs.75|dnommelh>
To: Technical Support <pcs.9ohr|troppus#pcs.9ohr|troppus>
Subject: Dr. Giulianna Ashley's Research
Dr. Ashley has recently disappeared for unknown reasons. She has vital research on her computer relating to memetic hazards that we need recovered. Please recover any research documents or other data you can from the computer.

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