Rewrite Guide

Standard Rewrite Procedure

Step 1: Find Something to Rewrite

Most articles eligible for rewrites are rated below -10. When this happens, the article will be eligible for deletion and a vote will begin.

While the vote is open, people can offer to rewrite the article. If you are interested in rewriting the article, please message a member of the Rewrite Team.

You can also request to do a rewrite when an article is struggling, or an author asks for it specifically, but these are less common (see the frequently asked questions for more detail).

Step 2: Author Permission


Image 1: PM requesting permission from the original author.

You must have permission from the original author to do a rewrite. You can either post on the forum, send them a chat PM, or ask in a Wikidot PM (example in Image 1). If you can provide proof of author permission, such as a screenshot, then you may start rewriting.

If the author does not respond or denies your request, you are not allowed to rewrite the article. Don't bug them about it; they have the final say on their work.

If the author is no longer around (as is the case with a lot of older articles), then the Rewrite Team will make the final call for you. This doesn't mean you can ignore the rest of this step though! Always make an attempt to contact the original author.

Step 3: Message from the Rewrite Team, and Rewriting!

Once you've stated your intent to rewrite, a member of the rewrite team will contact you with info about the process for your specific case. They'll tag the article "in-rewrite", and you'll be able to get started.

After that, get to it! Work for as long as you like: there's no time limit. Try to stay true to the original author's idea and narrative intentions.

As an aside, please remember that while there is no time limit on how long you can take, there is a time limit on how long an article might last on the site. Often, if a while goes by without hearing from you or getting an update on your progress, the original page may be cleared. That's alright, though! You can still post your rewrite to a different slot. Just remember that if you've got your heart set on a specific number, you might not get to keep it.

Step 4: Team Clear! Feedback!

When you've got a finalized draft, ask a member of the Rewrite Team for feedback. This can be done via a wiki PM, or on chat. Once you've received the OK, you're free to post.

Of course, it's always a good idea to get as much feedback from other site members as possible, before diving into that mainsite post.

REMEMBER, the Rewrite Team may tell you that your article needs work or that you should get more feedback. In those cases, you are required to do what the team says before posting your rewrite.

Step 5: Post!

Once you've got the previous steps down, you can post your rewrite! If the original SCP number is still available, you're free to use that. If you want to use another, you're free to do that as well.

Remember to make a post in the discussion thread stating:
1. That the article is a rewrite
2. The original author's name

You're done! Wait for the votes and comments to come in and PM the original author to let them know the revamp has gone live.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Check here first to see if your question has been asked already. As more questions are asked, this list will grow.

Q.) Does doing a rewrite save the original article's number on the mainlist?
A.) No. If it's available, you can use the number the original author picked. Otherwise, feel free to use any of the other open slots to post your article! On a case by case basis, the rewrite team can elect to grant a stay of deletion to articles more than two years old if said articles are in the process of being rewritten and are below the deletion deadline. Should a stay be granted, prompt completion of the rewrite is expected from its author.

Q.) Do I receive author credit for my completed article?
A.) Yes! You will need to ask a wiki moderator to unlock the Attribution Metadata list for you so that you can add your rewrite to the page.

Q.) How much do I need to stick to the original article, in terms of concept and theme?
A.) Depends on who you talk to. You don't want to plagiarize and copy the original article exactly. You also don't want to write something so different that people don't see the original ideas anymore. Try to strike a happy medium where the concept of the original stays similar, but you play with variations on theme or background.

Q.) Who are these Rewrite Team members I keep hearing about?
A.) Currently, the Rewrite Team consists of:
Team Captain: RiemannRiemann
Vice Captain: weizhongweizhong
Team Members: stormbreathstormbreath, HarryBlankHarryBlank, LuxaikoLuxaiko, Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini
Administrative Contacts: aismallardaismallard (Primary Contact), DexanoteDexanote, thedeadlymoosethedeadlymoose

Q.) What if the author never responds to my request?
A.) This is where it can get a little bit tricky. This is the current Rewrite Team protocol concerning this awkward situation:

If the article is <1 year old: No dice. If the author does not respond, assume that you cannot proceed with the rewrite.
If the article is 1-2 years old: If the article is 0 or negative, then proceed with the rewrite with Rewrite Team approval.
If the article is >2 years old: Go ahead with the rewrite if the article is <10 in rating. Articles just barely above this can be rewritten with Rewrite Team approval on a case-by-case basis. Contact a Rewrite Team member about this situation if you have a special circumstance.

A list of articles that fall under this category can be found here. Please note that this is not an extensive list and rewrite will still use discretion on a case-by-case basis.

Q.) It sounds like the Rewrite process only happens with articles at low ratings? What's up with that?
A.) Not so! Rewrites can be done at any rating as long as the original author gives their assent! If a rewrite happens to a higher rated article, you'll still need to delete the original page and repost in the number slot where applicable!

Q.) Can I rewrite an -ARC article?
A.) Sure! In that case, once the rewrite gets to a high enough rating, the original will be deleted!

Feel free to PM any of them with any additional questions you might have!

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