Revolution Earth

Romance and Betrayal in the Chaos Insurgency

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Revolution Earth

Romance and Betrayal in the Chaos Insurgency

Even without eyes, I can't see through the smoke. But I don't need to.

Six thirty. Five-fourths pi. Three hundred forty-five.

Three shots. Two screams, one damp thud. I must have hit the last one in the head.

Pope and Tsar, Metternich and Guizot.

I turn left into an empty hallway as the smoke clears. Door on either side—offices and conference rooms.

And another, a red horse, went out; and to him who sat on it, it was granted to take peace from Earth.

The next office belongs to Delta-Kronos. He pulls a gun on me as I enter, but quickly drops it once he sees it's me.

"Ang—ineer." He catches himself before he uses my name. "Time to go?"

I nod, and turn back into the hallway; he gathers the rest of his things and follows.

"What's the plan for getting out of here?"

Don't call me Shirley.

I tell him to head for the airstrip. I trail just behind him, guarding our rear. We only have to kill a half-dozen guards before we're out. The plane is waiting for us, and we hurry up the steps. The door swings shut behind us.

There are eleven people waiting inside—plus Kronos and I, that's an even 13. An appropriate number. Another person would give a speech, inspire their followers to greatness; I just nod to them, and slide into the cockpit. Kronos takes the copilot's seat.

"So. Where are we going?"

I give the voice a moment to tell me, but it's silent. I shrug. We'll figure it out once we're in the air. As we take off, I activate the explosives, and the site below us goes up in flames. The Chaos Insurgency is born.

Prime Sequence

There's a hole in my head. It wakes me up, screaming in my dreams as usual.

  1. Static In My Attic — A prophetic outburst. A Ukrainian vacation. A papal conclave.
  2. Burned A Hole In My Mind — A memoir. A laboratory accident. A new beginning.
  3. Hot Latitudes, Cool Attitudes — A Tomorrowland ambush. A trip to Olive Garden. A hijacking.

imposition of order equals escalation of chaos

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