Retrocausality Torus Interview A
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Interviewee: Subject ███████

Interviewer: Dr M██████

Following the 2nd trial, Subject was debriefed according to standard operating procedure.
Unbeknownst to the subject, passive polygraph testing in effect. Note: Subject emotionally labile and somewhat paranoid.

Subject: We've been over this and over this…let me get some sleep.

Interviewer: You'll get it…once your debrief is over.

Subject: What have you done with Dr W██████?

Interviewer: As I keep telling you, there's no such person. You've seen the personnel manifest…do you think I'm trying to mislead you?

Subject: (no reply)

Interviewer: You don't remember researcher B██████? You've worked with him a number of times before. According to him, you've developed a degree of friendship…

Subject: I've never heard of him. I don't know who that is.

Interviewer: But you acknowledge that he knows personal details about you. How could he know those things? Like who you dated at University? The name of your sister's children?

Subject: (tiredly) I don't know. I don't know how.

10 minute break. Subject allowed a soft drink and a cigarette.

Interviewer: You've indicated that we're supposed to know ….about…(consults notes)…. SCP-████ and SCP-████. According to you, SCP-████ is a [DATA EXPUNGED], capable of [DATA EXPUNGED]. And SCP-████ is supposed to be some sort of precognitive computer?

Subject: Yes. I designed their containment procedures. I've been studying SCP-████ for two months when this assignment came up. I'd written up my notes on…

Interview: As you've been told, there are no such SCPs. We've never heard of them.

Subject: (unintelligible)

Interviewer: What?

Subject: I said 'you will'…you'll hear about them presently. You have field agents in █████████? That's where we find them.

Interviewer: So you say.

Subject: So I say… do you mind?

Interviewer: Go ahead.

Subject allowed another cigarette.

Interviewer: You said before about the change you used to buy the soda…you didn't recognize who's on the dime.

Subject: (tiredly) That's right.

Interviewer: According to you, who's supposed to be on the dime?

Subject: FDR.

Interviewer: Yeah, well, that's who's on the dime.

Subject: No it's…it's not…he's not in profile. Can't you remember? It's famous for being a strange…portrait, picture, whatever. With his characteristic … leer? You know what I mean.

Interview: I can say I…

Subject: (yelling) Why are you doing this? Is this a psychological …. are you trying to disorient me, see how much it takes to make me…

Interviewer: You know that's not true.

Subject: (unintelligible)

Interviewer: It may be that the artifact has affected your memory.

Subject: Sure.

Interviewer: You think that's unlikely?

Subject:…I don't know what I think. Can we….can we resume this tomorrow? I need to…I need some sleep.

Interviewer: Security will escort you to your quarters. Your security clearance is temporarily suspended. Let me emphasize 'temporarily'. You are not to discuss these events with anyone.

Subject: I just want to go to bed.

Interviewer: Drop by the pharmacy. They'll give you something.

Subject: I don't want a tranquilizer.

Interviewer: Suit yourself.

Closing statement:
Polygraph results indicate responses are not consciously deceptive.

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