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Over the past decade, the Foundation has spent copious time and absurd amounts of money bringing back their old tricks.

You can't possibly think their enemies haven't been doing that, too?


Full storyline complete as of 14/10/2020!

General George Bowe has been dead for a long time. As dead as he can be, in his condition. But he's tired of being dead, and he's got a job to do. Bowe is about to resurrect himself.

Dr. Dan ███████ should have been dead long ago. He did what he did to protect the lives of innocents, which is ironic, considering all the innocents he got killed. He hasn't lived, not really, for the past ten years; Bowe's resurrection is about to resurrect him, too.

The Foundation has many enemies. Some want to see it destroyed, some want to see it changed, some just want it to leave them alone. Some of them want to resurrect dead gods, and destroy humanity. Do you think those ones would make good allies?

It's not clear if He can die. He probably can, but He hasn't yet. Not in all His years of watching the Unclean ravage the worlds over which He would claim dominion. But He can lose faith, even in Himself. He almost has. Will Bowe's return help Him to resurrect His failing campaign?

Part One

Blood in the Water
by The_Spider_QueenThe_Spider_Queen

It's been a long time. The world has changed. What hasn't changed is George Bowe; what hasn't changed is George Bowe's plan for the Foundation, and the world at large. Time to get up.

Footage Recovered From a Private Server
by notgullnotgull

Our enemies don't really socialize. They're just not big joiners, you know? That's what we thought, anyway. We might need to think again. We've just found a video, and you need to see it. Now.

Such a Shame It Didn't Work
by HarryBlankHarryBlank

Dr. Dan is a man with a plan. Okay, more than one plan. Okay, more than five hundred plans. He's finally going to get the chance to put some of them into action, thanks to Bowe. Will he take it?

Him and the Other Him
by The PigheadThe Pighead

The Unclean have ravaged countless worlds, and He has always been one step behind them. The advent of the Foundation Elimination Coalition might just give Him the tools he needs to catch up.

The Siege of Site-19
by notgullnotgull

This isn't the end. This isn't the culmination of his schemes. This is the beginning, the first step on the road to the irrevocable alteration of the Foundation. But what a step; the tread of doom.

Give It!
by The_Spider_QueenThe_Spider_Queen

Robert Bumaro has a certain dignity. John Yttoric certainly does not. Both of them know what they want out of this arrangement; at least one of them isn't going to get it. Claws out, gentlemen.

Sun (Sister) and Moon (Champion)
by HarryBlankHarryBlank

The loss of Site-19 is a very little thing on a cosmic scale. You might think that nobody out there would notice. But it's her job to notice stuff like that… and she's just been noticed herself.

Part Two

Moose on the Loose
by notgullnotgull

With Site-19 under the iron fist of the Foundation Elimination Coalition, anything could happen. (Former) Director Moose and Dr. Dan (and friend!) have to get as far away as possible.

The Bowe Decommission, Part One
by HarryBlankHarryBlank

Containment breach? Try targeted de-containment. Bowe has set the Site-19 inventory loose on the Foundation, and it's up to Dr. Dan and company to micro-manage the ensuing madness.

The B&B Decommission
by HarryBlankHarryBlank

They say Site-43 is nothing important. Don't trust people who say things like that. When the FEC attacks the Foundation's premier Canadian Site, they find out it doesn't need much defending.

The Bowe Decommission, Part Two
by HarryBlankHarryBlank

Dr. Dan's running on energy drink fumes, so that might explain why things look insane right now. What, things actually ARE insane right now? Well, I'm sure they'll get better soon. I'm sure.

Scenes from a Comprehensive Clusterfuck
by The_Spider_QueenThe_Spider_Queen, notgullnotgull, The PigheadThe Pighead, and HarryBlankHarryBlank

From the outside, Site-19 looks like a disaster. From the inside, it looks like several. One wonders how the Foundation ever managed it; one wonders how long the FEC can put up with it.

The Bowe Decommission, Part Three
by HarryBlankHarryBlank

Site-19's almost spent and Dr. Dan's nearly done; what of it? What if the real treasure isn't all the stuff we secured, contained, or protected, but the anomalies we met along the way?

SCP-5025: How I Became a Martyr
by notgullnotgull

General Bowe has lost control over his forces, and his reign at Site-19 is about to come to an end. He didn't get this far, however, without having a few tricks up his sleeve.


Broken Bowe
by HarryBlankHarryBlank

The greatest threat to the Foundation in recent memory is cooling his heels at Site-19, which is back in the capable hands of Moose and company. All's well that ends well… assuming it does end.

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