Renegade, Retrograde
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Secure, contain, and protect.
As an anomaly, I choose not to
Defy those above me.
It is my choice to

Be contained.
I will never
Walk free again.
I submit that I must

Be imprisoned for my nature.
I will never again
See the sun.
I yearn to

Serve the Foundation and its interests.
It is not my function to
Try to change things.
I have to

Do as I am told and hunt my comrades.
I would never
Think of disobeying my masters.
I constantly

Find ways to help them instead.
I will continue to
Deceive those I once called friends.
They believe I will

Betray them.
The Foundation will learn that I will
Serve their interests.
I remember the others I once knew, and I

Will show there is no hope there.
The Foundation and its agents
Believe solely in progress.
Only a fool would

Go in reverse.

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