Research Assistant Arnold Goldsheiner's Personnel File

Name: Arnold Goldsheiner

Security Clearance: Level 2

Location: Sites 19, 17, Areas 14, ██

Biography: It is believed by many of the Junior Staff that Goldsheiner is the second-oldest member of the Foundation, right behind that really old dude who probably babysat for Moses or something. At the present time, Goldsheiner is unable to walk without assistance and always uses a cane or a walker, or is helped along by another staff member a D-Class [see Incident 190F-F4-G55FW-H6F, “Jerry Plays The Beatles”].

SCP Files Researched:

SCP Files Updated By The World’s Youngest Glacier:

Documents Filed by Goldsheiner:

Goldsheiner's old desk has yet to be cleaned because something smells like toothpaste in there.

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