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Tales in the Foundation Gothic series include: Prelude: The Facade, Husk, and Fresh Air.

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Excerpt from “Another Fucking Story from Another Fucking Writer”. RecursiveRecursion, OW(cc) 20XX

To me, writing is all about capturing emotions that you feel. I don't want to write horror for horror's sake, I want to write it to encapsulate that feeling you get when you can't sleep, everything is quiet, and you hear something bump in the next room. I want to put that feeling to writing that I got the first time I was fighting Glamor, when the music swelled, you were fighting outside heaven itself, and then it turns to you and fucking screams with so much raw fucking emotion-

Ahem. As I was saying, I think it's important to know what you want to do with an idea before you start writing it. That isn't always how it pans out, and if you can write without knowing what you want the finished product to be, more power to you, but it always helps me to know what I'm working towards.

Having trouble getting your idea off the ground? Ask yourself questions. Why does it do this? What would it do if it wasn't contained? What's it's motivation in all this? Is it a larger part of something much bigger? You might not answer all the questions, but the mere act of asking them helps me a lot in the writing process.

Feel free to message me anytime if you want a pair of eyes to look over your article, I'm always happy to help. I frequent the forums and chat too, so let me know if you need anything, and I'll do my best to be a productive member of the community!

I wouldn't say I have any fixed voting habits, but I never downvote stuff for the sole reason of 'I don't get it'. If there's no one explaining their votes in the comments, usually I'll stop by and try to explain mine, or lack thereof.

This page is copyright RecursiveRecursion, but you can use it too I guess

Another Fucking Story
From Another Fucking Writer
Buy it now!

Shoutouts to MrWrong and shaggydredlocks for being like the best critics a newer writer could ask for. Seriously, they're great.

Shoutouts to everyone else too, y'all are great in general.

I'm not putting commentary for my skips here, my author posts on those pages pretty much say all that I have to say about them.

Most of the stuff I'd have to say about them would probably be boring anyway lol.

My favorite band is Tally Hall, go check them out. Hidden in the Sand especially is really great.

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