Recruitment Drive (R-28126)
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(EST. 1835)

Recruitment Drive
Southeastern Indiana Distribution Center1
April 6th, 2017
  • SCP Foundation Employee Daniel Finch
  • SCP Foundation Employee Emilio Delgado Ruiz
  • SCP Foundation Employee Susan Weiss-Hardoff

Elder Foreman Steve Al'uth2

Staff reminder: Elder Foremen dislike their existence being acknowledged. Doing so may put your employment at risk. Do not risk your employment.

  • Receptionist Cynthia Klein3
  • Worker Jesse Lenz4
  • Worker Stanley Belle5
  • N/A

Staffing was low in the Southeastern Indiana Region, due to employee poaching from rival corporations, such as the SCP Foundation and the Church of the Broken God.


The regional manager for the Southeastern Indiana region, Regional Manager Zachary Thames6, enacted typical recruitment policies. Corporate Spy Kenya Jordan7 informed several of her coworkers in the SCP Foundation of new positions at the location. While they were not initially interested, after a short tour of the facility, and contact with an elder foreman in charge of recruitment, they changed their minds.


All three prospective employees entered the Southeastern Indiana Distribution Center, and spoke with Receptionist Cynthia Klein, who kindly asked they wait until the employment representative could speak with them. Several positive comments were observed from the prospective employees:

Jesus Christ! Did you see her legs? They were beyond atrophied. It almost looks like she's growing out of that chair. How long has she been here? God…

- SCP Foundation Employee Daniel Finch

When you work hard, you too can get compliments like this. Keep up the hard work, Cynthia!

Actor Action Factory Response

While waiting for Elder Foreman Steve Al'uth to begin the interviews, SCP Foundation Employee Emilio Delgado Ruiz decided to contact other SCP Foundation Employees about this excellent employment opportunity.

However, due to company policy, cellphone and radio use is prohibited. Because of this, the call was intercepted and the prospective employees were encouraged to explore the facility and become acquainted with their new working environment.8

Following this response, all three prospective employees moved to the distribution floor to meet their new co-workers. Today was a busy day, so few employees had the chance to stop their work and speak with the prospective employees.

Once the prospective employees had left the main lobby area, Worker Jesse Lenz volunteered to go to Elder Foreman Steve Al'uth's office in the basement, to inform him that the interviewees were present in the facility. Unfortunately, Elder Foreman Steve Al'uth had not had the chance to take a lunch break yet this month and had to terminate Worker Jesse Lenz' employment to fulfill himself.9

While the prospective employees were getting acquainted with their new working environment, Worker Stanley Belle realized they probably didn't know where their interviews were being held. With this thought, he directed them towards Elder Foreman Steve Al'uth's office in the basement.10

The three prospective employees found the entrance to the basement as directed by Worker Stanley Belle and began their descent. Due to the basement's size, they did have some trouble finding their interview location. These positive comments about the basement's layout and decor were observed.111213

After Elder Foreman Steve Al'uth was informed of the prospective employees and finished his lunch break, he quickly found them wandering the basement trying to find his office. He guided them to the waiting area outside his office as he prepped for the interview. Once his preparations were completed, he had SCP Foundation Employee Emilio Delgado Ruiz enter his office for his interview. The other prospective employees were understandably nervous about being interviewed. Interviews can always be a nerve-wracking experience, and Elder Foreman Steve Al'uth made sure not to let their nerves harm their individual interviews.

Emilio's interview went superbly. Elder Foreman Steve Al'uth noted his skill and experience with a firearm and suggested he be given a security position. Once Emilio's interview was completed, he was removed from the office to begin the orientation process. Following Emilio, Elder Foreman Steve Al'uth chose SCP Foundation Employee Daniel Finch for the next interview.

During Daniel's interview, SCP Foundation Employee Susan Weiss-Hardoff let her nerves get the better of her and attempted to remove herself from the interview process through the use of a firearm. However, since she was already so far in the hiring process, The Factory kept the wound from negatively impacting her interview

Daniel's interview was discouraging, as he was largely unresponsive, choosing to remain in the corner of Elder Foreman Steve Al'uth's office. Despite this, Steve recognized Daniel's hardworking potential and suggested he become a worker. Following Daniel's interview, he was started on the orientation process and SCP Foundation Employee Susan Weiss-Hardoff was escorted into the office.

Susan's interview was fairly short. Elder Foreman Steve Al'uth felt she would be a good fit for the Factory's public relations department, and she was promptly moved to the orientation center.


All three potential employees have completed the interview and orientation process. Worker Daniel Finch14 signed a 78 year contract and is now assigned to the shipping line. Security Officer Emilio Delgado Ruiz15 has signed a 4002 year contract and will be working permanently as a security officer in the Southeastern Indiana Distribution CenterHE DOES NOT SLEEP. CANNOT SLEEP. WATCHING FOREVER. Receptionist Susan Weiss-Hardoff16 has signed a 61 year contract and will be working in public relations, with room for promotion to corporate liaison or corporate spy. Please welcome all our new workers and their future employment with us.

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