Recruitment Drive
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Take stock of your office. Note the clock on the wall to your right. Raise your shaking hands over your keyboard and start typing.

You don't have time to indulge these moments of dissociation. That's a problem that the meds will solve later; right now you need to focus on the Thing beneath Yellowstone.

You've suddenly come into very sensitive, very fatal information. You don't expect your memory will survive the month un-amnesticized. So, you need to do what you do best: make a list.

Dr. Sophia Light

Leader of Mobile Task Force Alpha-9 ("Last Hope"). Will coordinate initial sub-team roster and spearhead the Yellowstone operation. Sub-team will act independently of Alpha-9-Actual and be disbanded if they complete their mission.

You do not envy her.

Field Agent Carlotta Deneb

Ex-UIU, semi-proficient in small arms. She's a problem-solver — thinks out of the box 24/7. New to Foundation employ but has extensive training with ontokinetic phenomena.

Get her opinion by any means necessary.

POI-2408-351 ("Lucretia Popescu")

Ex-Black Lodge, contained at Site-57 after capture in Project Sitra Achra. Sarkicist body-shaper; demonstrates enhanced strength, some increased healing; primary benefit is offensive corporeal augmentation.

Can't figure out what her deal is. Has worked with the Foundation in the past but just seems… not there.


Allison Eckhart

Allison Eckhart is an infectious info-vector which supplants previous identities with Allison Eckhart. Don't think about her without the proper Allison-Eckhart protection.

Potential as an infohazardous cluster-bomb when things go south. Too unstable. Need to rethink my priorities.

Et cetera

  • SCP-4494 - Physical embodiment of fighting crime, potential as a combat asset. Can be manipulated via several legalistic anomalies I have access to.
  • SCP-5601 - Demonic parrot. Telepathy, divination (?); need someone with a bird's-eye view if communication breaks down in the field.
  • SCP-184 - Last-resort containment asset. Don't have access to it for some reason.
  • SCP-2719 - Can make Yellowstone "go inside", maybe. Allison and 184 didn't pan out, but this might work in a worst-case scenario.

The more I check for candidates, the more it looks like the Foundation is uniquely terrible at making allies. Cages were never really an incentive for good behavior, I guess.

I'd have better luck getting the Council to work together than I have with this.

SCP-4051 ("Rainer Miller")

Contained at Site-17 after he fucked up and hit the Foundation's radar for vigilante-work. Can make/manifest small objects of his choosing. File's redacted to all hell; good luck getting more info on him from official sources.

Unofficial sources say he travels in high circles whenever an O5 needs something done quick. I'm sure Ten wouldn't mind his inclusion.


Second-youngest member of the Overseer Council, currently engaging in a political incident over the creation of Alpha-9. We've been forced into a sort of allyship for this reason.

I'm meeting with her factotum today to discuss the final roster. Let's see what I can learn about Ten's job security.

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