Recovered Document SCP-2173-004
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The following excerpts are transcribed from documents recovered from SCP-2173.

Note: Several excerpts from Document 2173-004 have been redacted for brevity or because of references to information classified above Level 3 Security Clearance. Names of specific individuals have been censored. Access to full documents requires Level 4 Security Clearance. Recovered Document 2173-004 is believed to have been authored by Person of Interest #952404, "Ephialtes"

Excerpts from Recovered Document SCP-2173-004-a, recovered on 02/15/1998:

13 October, 1989

I am starting this journal in an attempt to help me calm my nerves while working on this project. This is the largest project I've ever worked on. I suppose the privelege comes with the promotion.

I'm honestly having trouble believing that the Foundation would be willing to fund this project. After years of studying SCP-███, we've finally figured it out. I mean, it's still a threat to public perception of normality, and to public safety, so it isn't getting an EX desgnation or anything anytime soon, but hey, it's a step.

That's what this project is: It's an attempt to duplicate SCP-███'s effects, but with more controllability. How else are we supposed to figure these things, these scientific anomalies, out? By standing by and watching as they tear our world apart? No. This is a proactive step.

We're going to be studying wormholes as a viable means of interdimensional, intergalactic, and extra-universal travel. This means finding locations to safely store SCPs in locations they can't affect humanity. This means finding civilizations that may have a better understanding of anomalies and the universe in general and give us a greater chance against these things. I hate to be self-aggrandizing, but, quite simply, the very future of humanity may depend on the results of this project.

I can only hope it goes according to plan.
████ ███████

17 July, 1990

It's taking too damn long for this project to move forward. Director ███████ keeps dragging his feet on getting me the resources I need. His pet Mobile Task Force takes up more resources than the rest of this Site combined. I mean, why the Hell do they need an attack helicopter? They're a small infantry force, a platoon at best, not a whole goddamn Division. I don't even see the point of the Task Force, anyway; we're well within easy reach of Nu-7 if we ever need a large infantry force.

Then the sonuvabitch has the audacity to ask why my project hasn't come to any sort of fruition yet! I'll tell you why, you bastard! It's because all of my funding keeps getting pulled out from under me and handed over to your 'boys' so they can have more toys to play with! We're trying to build something that tears spacetime apart like a toy for our own benefit, and you're acting as though we can do that on a shoestring budget!

I'm going to confront him about it tomorrow. If I can't change anything from here, I'll look into moving it further up the chain of command. Maybe that'll get the lead out of his pants and get me the resources I need to make this work.

████ ███████

1 August, 1990

I was given an early look into what the next fiscal year's budget is going to look like, and I'll be damned if talking to ████████ didn't work. Next year's budget is going to be twice this year's, and I'll actually be given some elbow room to work. A bigger laboratory, a bigger staff of researchers, and the budget to actually requisition the equipment and materials I'll need.

It's going to be a great year.

████ ███████

Excerpt from Recovered Document SCP-2173-004-c, recovered on 02/17/1998:

22 April, 1995

Jesus Christ, man. Why did this have to happen to me? After five long years of working on this project, it's all gone to shit. I mean, this whole thing is probably going away quick. There's going to be a big audit, and an investigation by the Ethics Committee, and this whole damn project is probably going to get scrapped.

It's not my fault. That's all I have to say. I mean, should we have done more animal testing, used more remote methods of exploration? Absolutely, but goddammit, we were so close! I thought we had this figured out! How the hell was I supposed to anticipate a power surge wrecking the whole damn thing?

It was just one operative. Private ███████, I think his name was. We sent a four-man team from Delta 16 through to explore some ruins we'd found through robotic and D-Class exploration. We figured that, having brought back samples and D-Class fine, there'd be no trouble sending experienced operatives through.

And there wasn't. Not the first time, not the second time, not until the seventh goddamn exploration did anything bad happen. But when it did go bad, it went bad in the worst way possible.

I don't have clearance to know everything that's going on in this Site, but I know that my project, SCP-███, isn't the only one to draw a lot of power. Hell, maybe it wasn't even a research project, it was just a glitch in the computers managing the generators, or maybe the computers we've got in the basement themselves got too hot and drew too much power or something, I don't know. But whatever it was, it cut the power to my part of Site-██ at the worst possible moment. Private ███████ was just walking through the portal when the power went out, and it damn near cut him in half. There was no saving him.

And it's gonna be my ass. This sort of shit doesn't just slide; someone's going to have to pay for the fact that there's a new urn in Mortuary 43, a new star on the wall here in Site-██, and a kid without her dad. More likely than not, it's going to be me.

I know some people who know how to get me out of here alive. I'm taking my research with me. Hopefully, it isn't for nothing.

████ ███████

Excerpt from Recovered Document SCP-2173-004-d, recovered on 02/17/1998:

24 December, 1997

We're just about ready to test out the new doorway. And just in time for Christmas, too. It's been two years since I left the Foundation and went Insurgent, and, I hate to say this, but it's paid off. I was able to rebuild the doorway in a third of the time it took me to build it the first time around. I damn near have my own facility up here in northern Maine, all the research staff, equipment, and materials I need, and a budget that's almost bottomless.

My former coworkers probably wouldn't be able to understand why I'm doing this, but I haven't switched sides. I'm still in this, ultimately, for humanity. The Foundation takes all these things it doesn't understand, calls them anomalies, and locks them up forever. The GOC, they just blow shit up like it's the only solution to any problem.

But the Insurgency? I could hardly believe it at first, but they actually go rationally about anomalies. They understand that we'd be wiped from the face of our tiny planet if some things weren't contained. They're just fighting for the people who wouldn't wipe us out, who can't wipe us out, if they're not treated as pariahs. They're No, I'm sorry, we're fighting for the people the skippers and the gocks just mind-wipe as though their memories are toys.

That's why I'm doing this. It's not for the money. It's not for the nice accomodations. It's for the people. Maybe, someday, the Foundation may understand it.
That day may come sooner than the Foundation is expecting.

████ ███████

Director's Note: The remains of Person of Interest #952404, "Ephialtes," were not among those identified within SCP-2173 or within the Chaos Insurgency facility north of Dellmarsh, Maine. PoI#952404 is not considered deceased at this time. Locating and neutralizing PoI#952404 is considered a Level 4 priority.

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