Recording Hippodrome-045
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"Uh, hi. If you're watching this, then I guess you, or maybe that should be 'we', survived. And yes, I really am you. Look, this is my… your… our face. No makeup or anything, this isn't a mask. Uh, if you want more proof, then, uh… you grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut. Your house had that green door you could spot a mile away. You were jealous of the neighbor kid, Ben or Toby or something like that, because he had a dog but dad refused because you could barely take care of a goldfish, right? You went through like five of those suckers in a month once. So yeah. This is me - you - making a video recording for you, in my future. It's… yeah. It's complicated.

I don't know how much you'll remember, but you shouldn't remember making this recording and that's expected. Because you, and everyone who was with you, needed to forget in order to make the trick work. Which means, I guess, that even if things went according to plan a lot of people died not really knowing why. But now that it's over you deserve to know the truth. What I'm going to tell you is going to sound cruel, but remember: you volunteered for this. And if you're the same person as I am, making this recording, then you know why. The truth is this: you and everyone else at Provisional Site 324 needed to lose that fight so the Church of the Broken God could make off with that spaceship you were guarding. Which… sounds a lot like the situation that got us into this mess. But… at least this time it's deliberate, I guess. Anyway.

You were told that you were guarding an anomalous spacecraft that the Church absolutely must not get its hands on. That isn't even half the truth. What you were guarding was a fake spaceship based off of a real spaceship that the Foundation wanted the Church to steal. We needed them to steal it so that they'd think their machine-god came from outer space or something so that… honestly I don't know too much. This is just what they told me. Because at least it's fair to volunteer for a suicide mission as long as you know what's really going on. Or something. And I wasn't really paying a whole lot of attention. A suicide mission sounded good to make up for our mistake, right? I guess we've always had a something of a guilt complex. And the way it was described to me it was a suicide mission. You probably got system malfunctions at the worst times, right? And the armory was drastically understocked, yeah? Yeah. Suicide mission.

So anyway that's the story. You and your friends were made to forget what they'd signed up for and set up to die so that some religious cyborgs can steal a fake spaceship. They said the world was stranger than we thought when we signed up, but I didn't think it would be this fucked-up, you know?

Actually… I don't even know if you're watching this having accomplished your mission. Maybe you survived but they didn't take the bait or something. I guess a couple of people would have died anyway, right? God, that would suck six ways to Sunday. Dying and not really knowing why and not even succeeding…

Anyway. I have some amnestics to take. See you on the other side."

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