Reality, Innocents
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Dr. Carson: Now, why did you kill those farmers?

(Dr. Carson pauses)

Dr. Carson: If you don't talk now, we will remove you from this attempt and place you back into-

(Dr. Carson pauses)

Dr. Carson: Pardon? (Motions to move microphone closer)

(Dr. Carson pauses)

Dr. Carson: Speak up. (To Personnel D-085) Move the mic up closer.

(Dr. Carson pauses)

Dr. Carson: (To Personnel D-085) That microphone has only so much gain, move it closer to it!

Personnel D-085: I can't hear anything man, look at it! It's just a lizard-

(Dr. Carson engages Personnel D-085 with sidearm. Personnel D-085 expires immediately. Dr. Carson leaves the room shortly thereafter.)

<End Log>

Footage of the interior of a public restroom. One light fixture is active, with the remainder non-functional. D-2713 enters the room and enters one of the stalls; the door is closed and locked.

After thirteen seconds, D-2713 unlocks the door and exits the stall. Agent Gray, dressed in a bear costume from the neck down, approaches and assaults D-2713. A struggle ensues, during which Agent Gray bites D-2713 several times. D-2713 manages to escape after several minutes, exiting the restroom. Agent Gray pursues.

Dr. Ramsey: SCP-1802, what is your earliest memory?

(Dr. Ramsey pauses)

Dr. Ramsey: What happened after that?

(Dr. Ramsey pauses)

Dr. Ramsey: What is your purpose, SCP-1802?

(Dr. Ramsey pauses)

Dr. Ramsey: It seems like you take anything you find.

(Dr. Ramsey pauses)

Dr. Ramsey: What happened to you next?

(Dr. Ramsey pauses)

Dr. Ramsey: Can you remember what street you were on or what building you came out of?

(Dr. Ramsey pauses)

Dr. Ramsey: [to the supervising researcher] That's all we need. [to the sculpture] Thank you for your cooperation.

(Dr. Ramsey pauses)

Dr. Ramsey: What name did he give you?

(Dr. Ramsey pauses)

Dr. Ramsey: Thank you for your cooperation, SCP-1802. The interview is over.

Footage of an interior room, likely a cellar, roughly 3m x 7m in size, lit with flood lighting. Building material is believed to be brownstone. Room is otherwise empty.

Four unidentified personnel, two carrying firearms, enter carrying one live chicken, one obsidian-edged knife, one silver aspergillum and aspersorium, and a kiloton-level nuclear device.

The two unarmed personnel engage in a complex ritual involving the dispensation of water and chicken blood, as well as the recitation of several phrases. The two armed personnel observe.

Upon completion of the ritual, all items are retrieved and all personnel exit.

Dr. Dodge: Can you tell us more about how the Church came to acquire you?

Mr. Garcia: Look, I don't know what you want me to tell you. I haven't been in a church since I was sixteen. Now see, given that you're all absolutely insane, I'm not going to bother asking for a lawyer, but is there anything I could do for you that would get you to take this shit off of me?

Dr. Dodge: What did he say?

Mr. Garcia: Okay, yeah, that's about what I expected. You're just… having your own conversation in there, okay, great. That's absolutely great. Your boys snatch me off the street, call me "Mr. Brass", glue pieces of brass on me, and then sit me down in front of you so you can ask me absolute nonsense.

Dr. Dodge: Where did this person take you to?

Mr. Garcia: Hell, apparently. That or a hidden camera show. (Addressing the camera) Ha ha, very funny! Very funny and clever! Let me go now!

Dr. Dodge: (Pauses) Then what happened?

(Mr. Garcia, with some difficulty, stands up from his seat and begins to move around the interview room. He bangs on the door several times, demanding to be released. After failing to open the locked door, he appears to search for other exits. Eventually, he returns to his seat.)

Dr. Dodge: You said previously that they had a negative reaction?

Mr. Garcia: I could go for a negative reaction right now, or at least some acknowledgement of what I am saying, to you. A negative reaction and a cigarette. Hey, maybe if you keep me here long enough, that shit'll clear out of my system. But no, seriously, cut this shit out. I have a family to attend to.

Dr. Dodge: It was at this point that they attempted to integrate you into the other objects?

Mr. Garcia: Uh, what? No, shit, of course you're not going to answer, but seriously, what is this guy talking about? (Addresses camera) Am I supposed to be like, an object? Are they going to glue more shit to me?

Dr. Dodge: I believe that will be all. Security, if you would-

Mr. Garcia: What the hell is your damage?

Dr. Dodge: Yes?

Mr. Garcia: Fuck you.

Footage of an individual in D-Class uniform strapped to a table in a standard testing chamber. Research Assistant Kaur approaches the unconscious individual, carrying a length of fishing line.

RA Kaur: This is going to be unpleasant, but try to bear with me here.

Standing behind the subject, RA Kaur uses the fishing line as a garrote, rendering the subject unconscious within 45 seconds. The subject expires after 7 minutes, at which point RA Kaur removes the fishing line.

After several seconds, two security personnel enter the chamber and attempt to remove the straps restraining the corpse to the table, but are stopped by RA Kaur.

RA Kaur: No, didn't you read the instructions? We're testing repeat applications this time. I'll let you know when we're done with him. (Addressing the corpse) You're doing great so far.

RA Kaur resumes pressing the fishing line against the corpse's throat for another two hours, periodically removing it for several seconds to observe the corpse. At 1:04:55, the skin is ruptured; RA Kaur has no apparent reaction to this. Blood leaks onto the table and floor for the remainder of the footage.

D-9884 stands on the ground level landing of a staircase. The flood lamp illuminates only the first 9 steps.

Dr. Miller: Please descend the first flight and examine the landing wall.

D-9884 descends 13 steps and stop at the landing. Dr. Miller's footsteps are audible from nearby behind D-9884.

D-9884: Yeah, um, it's just a dirty, concrete wall. There's like nothing on it. No, wait. It's a little bit sticky right here.

D-9884 indicates a spot on the wall.

D-9884: There's a child crying down there! She's [pause] she's begging for help and crying.

Dr. Miller: Thank you. Please continue down the steps until you notice anything unusual.

Both descend. Upon reaching the next landing, audio of a crying child is picked up. Both continue with no incident until they reach the 17th landing.

D-9884: Eww, there's something on the ground here. It's all sticky and stuck on my shoe. Ugh, it's so gross.

Video feed confirms presence of substance occupying a space approximately 50 centimeters in diameter.

Dr. Miller: Can you describe the scent?

D-9884: Uh… It kinda smells like old rusty metal and pee. Can't you smell it?

Dr. Miller: Thank you. Please continue until you notice anything else.

Subjects continues their descent until the 89th landing is reached. The video feed jerks and D-9884 yells.

D-9884: Ahh, fuck! There's a big black circle on the ground. I thought it was a hole for a second.

Video feed confirms the presence of a circle approximately 1 meter in diameter.

D-9884: You can see this, right?

Dr. Miller: Yes. Can you estimate the depth of this hole?

D-9884: It's not a hole. I just said that. You can see for yourself.

D-9884 demonstrates this by stepping on the circle, then passing forward and allowing Dr. Miller to do the same.

Dr. Miller: Thank you. Can you still hear the sounds of the child?

D-9884: Uh huh. I mean, it's louder now, since I'm getting closer. You're right there, can't you hear it?

Dr. Miller: Please continue down until you encounter anything unusual.

Both continue to descend SCP-087 for approximately an hour, covering an additional 164 flights. Both stop to rest on the 253rd landing, with D-9884 consuming 1 nutrient bar and several gulps of water. Subjects are at an estimated 1.1 kilometers below the initial landing. D-9884 asks Dr. Miller several questions regarding the nature of the exploration, which are ignored. After pausing for 4 minutes, subjects resume their descent, making no stops for another 216 flights, 1.5 hours later. They are on the 469th landing, an approximate 1.8 km below the ground level.

D-9884: Is this going anywhere? I think it's time I went back. I mean, going down is one thing, but this is a long climb back…

Dr. Miller: You have been provided with food, water, and blankets to last you 24 hours. Please continue down.

D-9844: Yeah, and what about you? Look, I really think we should go back up.

D-9884 turns toward the previous flight of stairs.

D-9884: I - [screams]

Dr. Miller is directly behind D-9884, blocking her ascent. His face is approximately 30 centimeters from the lens of the camera; his eyes are fixed directly on the lens, as though looking at the viewer. He is holding a butcher's knife with dried blood on the blade. D-9884 turns around and begins descending the stairs rapidly, pursued by Dr. Miller.

D-9884: [panicked and hysterical] Oh god I'm sorry Dr. Miller please don't hurt me please help me oh God he's right behind me that's why you were following me I promise I'll keep going down I'm doing it why are you chasing me please don't kill me [this continues in a similar fashion until the end.]

D-9884 continues to scream and plead hysterically as she rapidly descends the staircase. Approximately 14 flights down, the video feed swings to show the area directly behind D-9884. Dr. Miller is not staring at the subject; rather he is fixated on the camera lens, giving the illusion he is making eye contact with those viewing the footage.

After an approximate 150 panicked flights of descent with three visual confirmations of Dr. Miller, D-9884 trips and appears to fall unconscious. A child between the ages of 9 and 11, the source of aforementioned vocalizations, is present; the child is physically unremarkable except for an open leg wound. Video feed shows an additional descending flight of stairs.

The child displays and vocalizes intense fear upon the arrival of Dr. Miller several seconds later. Dr. Miller comes in full view of the camera, obscuring the child. Audio and video feeds cut out.

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