Re: Promotion
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Anyway, congratulations on your promotion. I can tell you                                                                                                                            
Subject: Re: Promotion

Hey, Stan!

It’s great to hear your son’s doing better. I understand it was pretty touch-and-go for a while. Just make sure he gets plenty of fluids, okay? Myra has promised to keep him in her prayers.

Anyway, congratulations on your promotion. I can tell you the job isn’t easy. SCP-2422 may not be the MOST difficult bunch to deal with, but some of them can be quite the handful some of the time.

So, guess what. As Project Director, you get brand new Level 4 Clearance! You know what that means: you have a lot of reading to do, mister.

As you know, we do a LOT of interviews with the members of 2422. I’m not going to make you read all of them; most of them are really boring, anyway. I’m just going to attach a couple of transcripts we’ve deemed important to read to have a complete understanding how these people work.

You’ll recognize the second one; an edited version of it is attached to the standard article concerning 2422. This one, though, is complete. All the expunged data is there. There’s a lot of it, too.

Since I'm technically not the Project Director anymore, there are a couple of things that have been blacked out in my copies of these files – just a couple of names, not super important stuff. If you really need to know those names you can look in your own copies when you get back to work. For now, the names don't appear close enough to each other to be confusing. You're smart. You'll be fine.

All the files are compressed and attached below. Happy reading and good luck in your new job!

Former SCP-2422 Project Director
Secure. Contain. Protect.

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